Top 20 tips on how to make extra money from home

Are you sitting at home wondering how to make extra money? Well here is my top list of ways to make extra money online from the comfort of your own living room. There are number of options for you from passive income which you can earn. As well as active income which will require some work in exchange for some money, but all of these are fool proof ways to earn some extra money as a side hustle.

Top 20 ways on how to make extra money from home

  1. Fiverr, start a fiverr gig and start earning money for your services. You can offer anything from SEO, Virtual Assistant Work, Pin creation and other administrative tasks for just $5 per gig. The great thing about fiverr is that you should get high volumes of work. The jobs also usually just last a few days, so there is less commitment long term.
  2. Upwork, there is a lot of opportunity to provide any services. From taking photos of local places in your area, to programming, virtual assistant work and more. Upwork allows you to work on a per hour basis as well as on a per project basis.
  3. Konker allows you to sell your services as well much like fiverr, but you can generally fetch a better price for your services on konker.
  4. Offer a service for social marketing. You can do anything from create pins, tweets and posts for instagram. A lot of companies or business owners don’t have the time to take care of their social media accounts. You can manage their accounts for them for a fee.
  5. Transcription services, a lot of content online is created via voice annotations. Some content creators often need these transcribed into blog posts as well as other text based content.

5 additional ways to make extra money from home

  1. Design services, everyone needs something designed, if you have some design skills you can create pins for pinterest, website graphics, logos as well as marketing images for businesses and individuals.
  2. Writing services, a lot of blogs nowadays need content written for them. Sometimes blog owners don’t have time to write their own content and you can offer up your services as a freelance writer.
  3. Video editing, some people need videos to be edited. You can also make promotional videos for businesses if you are good on camera.
  4. Turn your hobby into a business. If you are into scrap booking, soap making, painting or any other form of hobby which makes a physical product. You can sell your projects on sites like ebay and amazon.
  5. Create a online course, do you have a special skill? Whether it is top house hold and cleaning tips or advanced accounting for beginners. Build an online course. You can publish them on sites like udemy, teachable and instructables.

A few more top ways on how to make extra money

  1. Start a blog, if you have a specific skill you can start a blog and write about that particular topic. If you add a lot of value for your website visitors you can later monetize your blog.
  2. Start a youtube channel. You can generate a lot of traffic to your offering or affiliate offers through youtube. All you need to do is start creating great videos.
  3. Investing in stocks, if you invest in the right stocks you can earn dividends and make extra money long term.
  4. Write an ebook and sell it online. If you have a great idea for a novel, cook book or educational book. Write it and publish it as a kindle book on amazon.
  5. Create online tools and template such as printables and sell them on sites like etsy. Etsy is really great for printables. You can sell anything from year planners and oranizers.

5 more top ways on how to make extra money

  1. Build basic websites for small businesses. You can easily build basic websites with tools such as wix, tumblr and other free website builders.
  2. Start drop shipping products. You can do this through a site called aliexpress. All you need to do is find a product you want to sell from aliexpress. Then sell those products with an increased price. Then simply get those companies to ship the products to your clients.
  3. Sell products on amazon fba. Similar to drop shipping you can have products shipped to amazon fulfillment centers where they will store and hold your products and ship them to your clients when people buy your products on amazon.
  4. Link building, most sites need some search engine optimization. You can help build quality links to a clients website in exchange for money.
  5. Flip websites on flippa, start a website build it up and sell it off on a site like flippa for a few hundred dollars.

More resources you might want to check out

If you are looking to start a blog here is my blog post on how to start a blog as well as this one if you are thinking of building an app and making money that way here is my step-by-step guide on how to make an app.

how to make extra money

how to make extra money

Top 20 tips on how to make extra money from home
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Top 20 tips on how to make extra money from home
Top 20 tips on how to make extra money from home, my top list of ways you can extra money right now.
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