Step by step: how to get a bigger butt

re you plagued by bad genetics? Have you always wanted to know how to get a bigger butt? Well here are a few sure tips to get you that well defined bigger butt you have always wanted.

What you need to get a bigger butt

There unfortunately is no short cut and will require a lot of work. However I hope that this article will put you on the right track and keep you from having any frustration. These tips are for beginners and more advanced lifters and are sure ways to increase that butt size. The big thing to remember is that any portion below your waist is very accustomed to carrying your own weight around. So really the only real way to increase your butt size is to load more weight. Generally the rule for any leg / butt  workout is to use weight which will add more intensity.

The workout for a bigger butt

  1. Start squatting, squats are the number one exercise which you can incorporate into your butt workout which will help grow those gluts. The important thing when squatting is to do it correctly. Here are some hard and fast rules to squats.
    • Feet must be shoulder width apart.
    • Toes should point slightly outwards.
    • When squatting your knees may not go past your toes.
    • Imagine squeezing your butt when squatting.
    • Always perform the lift slowly. This increases intensity but also protects your knees from damage.
  2. Dead lifts, even though these do not directly effect your butt. They do however tone your legs to help give more definition to that butt you are working so hard on. Here are a few hard and fast rules for dead lifts.
    • Do not bend your back or slouch downwards. The dead lift is infamous for causing back injuries when done incorrectly. Try keep your back either arched upwards or straight. Do not curl your back forwards.
    • You may bend your knees slightly to reach the weight but do not engage them directly.
    • When down on the bar try to push your chest forwards and out.
    • Imagine lifting with your legs and not using your back for the lift.
  3. Lunges, lunges are very important for your butt and your over all stability. Try to incorporate lunges into your workout for maximum results.

Mistakes you probably are making

If you are already following a routine like above and you haven’t made progress as of yet. Then here are some of the most common mistakes you might be making that is not getting you the results you want. It can be any range of things holding you back from your goals. Let’s jump into it:

Avoid these mistake if you want to get a bigger butt

  1. Overtraining, you might not be giving your body sufficient time to rest between work out sessions. It is important that you rotate your work outs and not focus on your butt all the time. The way in which muscle growth works is your muscle gets broken down by the workout then built back up by your nutrition. If you are constantly breaking down you will not be able to even reach the point where your body builds up the muscle again. Make sure to not exceed more than 3 butt workout sessions per week for maximum results.
  2. Not feeding your body what it needs, to build muscle you need more protein, whether you are female or male. Protein is a big building block for muscle and you need more of it to obtain your workout goals. Consume plus minus 2g of protein per pound / kilogram of your body weight.
  3. Bad form, the number one killer of gains is bad form. If you are not working the target muscles correctly with intensity you will never grow. Have a friend watch your form to make sure you are sticking to the rules. Also monitor the sensations your muscles have a few days after your work out. If you are not feeling soreness in the target area you either need to fix your form or change your approach.
  4. Not increasing intensity gradually, lifting heavy from the beginning really does not help your gains. As each time you hit the gym you are breaking down more muscle than your body can repair which eventually leaves you not growing. Make sure to gradually increase intensity and weight in your work outs. It is ok to start lighter and increase once a week or even every two weeks. To get maximum results from this you might want to keep a log of the weight you are lifting. If it is your first time try to establish your one rep maximum. You can do this by testing what is the most you can lift for one rep. Then use weight between 60% – 75% of that as a baseline to work off of.

What about toning my butt?

In order to tone you need to increase your number of reps. You can easily do this by reducing the weight you use to about 20% of your usual lifts and doing up to 20 reps per set. Over time this will create a lot more definition in your butt. Also the next easiest way is to reduce body fat.

Which can be achieved with HIIT training. This could be anything from doing sprints for short intervals. To strength training at a slightly higher pace to increase your heart rate to the HIIT zone for fat burning. The great thing about HIIT is that it allows your body to burn fat for up to 8 – 24 hours after your work out. All really dependent on how your body responds to HIIT. However HIIT will have a profound effect on your metabolism and ability to trim any fat reducing the definition in your butt and legs.

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Top tips on How to get a bigger butt
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Top tips on How to get a bigger butt
Top tips on how to get a bigger butt. Simple workouts you can do to grow that butt.
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