Top 10 Free Traffic sources for your blog or website

So you have have just started your new blog or website and now it’s time to start getting some traffic. For any new site or blog it is always better to try and focus on getting traffic first. Just in order for you to do some AB testing on your content and the audience visiting your site. Especially if you are looking to turn your blog into an affiliate money generating machine. In this article I am going to discuss the top 10 free traffic sources for your blog you can use to get some nice traffic to your blog and website.

6 free traffic sources for your blog that bring traffic quickly

  1. Pinterest, pinterest must be by far my favorite traffic source. Pinterest users have higher buyer intent and most reside in the United States where most of my target audience live. Also Pinterest allows you to promote your content in a unique way which allows you to actually generate following and not just cold traffic to your blog. The other great benefits of Pinterest is that it’s not flooded with poor spammy content which may over power yours. Considering it is an interest platform and search engine it allows you to have just a much higher engagement with your followers.
  2. Twitter, if used correctly twitter can generate some neat and niche specific traffic to your blog. Twitter has a big following of niche specific users and can deliver a lot of free traffic if utilized correctly in your traffic building approach.
  3. Youtube, Youtube traffic is big and super engaging. Due to the personal feel of youtube the engagement is so much higher. Also video just blows every other form of content out of the water when it comes to conversions and long term loyalty.
  4. Quora, Quora is a great traffic source if you like helping people with their problems. On Quora users can ask questions and you have an opportunity to provide in depth and complete answers which can solve their problems. Try to incorporate some Quora engagement in your free traffic strategy.
  5. Reddit, Reddit has a large following with many groups called subreddits. You should be able to find a group for any topic or niche you are in. Reddit is big on moderation so make sure to post super good content. In order have your content appear on various groups. Also always read the rules before posting anything. You might get banned if you do not stick to the rules.
  6. Forums, forums are great sources of targeted traffic. You can find up to 50 or more forums which are related to your niche. Sign up for some forums in your niche and add a lot of value. This will bring targeted traffic to your blog for many years to come.

4 big free traffic sources for your blog you need to work for in the long term

  1. Search Engine Traffic, SEO is a great source of long term traffic for your blog or website and takes the longest to obtain. This form of traffic may take up to a year to materialize as you start to rank in search engines. It also requires continuous work. Keep adding quality content and build back links to your blog and eventually you will rank in search engines.
  2. Instagram, Instagram can also be an awesome source of traffic but requires a large following in order to get more traffic. This can take some time to build up and grow your following.
  3. Facebook, you can get a lot of traffic from your facebook page but also will require a following. In order to grow your following search out groups in your niche and grow your network day by day.
  4. External blogging, Some sites allow you to blog on their platforms, some of these platforms can rank quite quickly in search engines. So may be worth while for you to add some of your articles on these blogs in order to get referral traffic to your main blog from those posts.

What should I expect from my traffic sources?

Depending on how hard you work on obtaining traffic from the above sources it may differ. If you for example are in a popular niche where there is big volumes you may see traffic only much later but will see more traffic as you start eliminating your competition. Generally on the first list of 6 sources you could see traffic come in from one week up to about two months. All really depends on your niche and the volumes and competition in that niche. If you are discouraged because you have just started your blog and nothing is happening.

Just keep trucking on there is hope. The big secret is to remain consistent, focused and to continue to put out great content which helps you audience. After a while your content will start to be noticed and seen as a trusted source of information. Give it time and be patient. True traffic growth probably will only start coming through from the 4th month onward if you have managed to last that long before giving up.

What are the time frames for getting traffic?

Pinterest of example generally takes about 1 – 2 weeks to start delivering traffic if you are pinning your content daily. Reddit could be the same day. Forums can also be immediate to start getting traffic if the forum has a lot of active users. Quora can deliver traffic also quite quickly if there are a lot of people following a particular question you are adding value on.

Google and other search engines you could expect movement from month 6 up to years depending on how hard you work on your seo strategies.

Final words

Creating long lasting traffic can be hard work but is worth it in the end. When you get to the point of monetizing your traffic you will reap the rewards. Keep pushing ahead and you will get there. Good luck and happy blogging. If you liked this article check out some our other articles with regards to blogging:

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Top 10 Free Traffic sources for your blog or website
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Top 10 Free Traffic sources for your blog or website
Top 10 Free Traffic sources for your blog which you can incorporate to start getting traffic today for your blog or website.
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