Step-by-step how to get a flat stomach fast

The items I use in this workout routine, see links to the amazon listings below:

Medicine balls for stomach workout :

How to get a flat stomach - medicine ball

How to get a flat stomach – medicine ball

Heart rate monitor for your cardio:

How to get a flat stomach - heart rate monitor

How to get a flat stomach – heart rate monitor


Everyone’s dream body probably features some form of flat stomach or six pack. The truth is to achieve it is not easy and really needs some very intense discipline. This is the secret sauce in order to make it happen. It can be done quite quickly if you stick to a tight regimen of exercise and clean eating habits.

I used to be a huge beer drinker and had a really flabby stomach for the most of my late 20s. Then just one day woke up and decided enough is enough. I just decided that I will get rid of my beer belly. Even though this work out was more focused towards me as a male. These same steps should also work for the ladies as well who want that slim stomach. Join me in my how to get a flat stomach fast step-by-step guide on how I lost my beer belly in a short period of time.

Top tips on how to get a flat stomach by cutting the first evil

Here is a list of clean eating habits you will need to employ. This is basically the things I cut out when cutting my belly. I knew that it would be hard to change my eating habits. So I decided to stick to something realistic which I could do without much effort. Here is a list of the foods I cut out of my diet to start improving my physique. Not just my stomach but in general as well.

Here are those tips:

  1. Cut all alcohol, alcohol is not just super high in calories. It also has an affect on your sugar and insulin levels which just is bad for weight loss or trimming down. The other disadvantage of course is, well at least for me is that alcohol made me feel sluggish and sick all the time which just gave me little energy for exercising.
  2. Cut anything that is processed, in order to eat cleaner I just stopped eating any processed food. My main issue with processed food is that a lot of times there is a lot of added sugar which gets put into the food which I wanted to avoid.
  3. Cut sugar and sweets, it’s an age old thing that sugar contributes to weight gain. Honestly I tried this and managed to pull it off for many a few weeks. However I progressively started to feel more and more tired. I wouldn’t recommend cutting it out completely, but to rather reduce it rather drastically. My aim of course was to eat cleaner without disrupting my life so it’s just easier to rather just cut down than to completely remove it from your diet.

Here are two more

  1. Drank more coffee, I at the time read that caffeine has properties which increases metabolism, whether this is true or not I started adding more coffee to my daily routine. I can’t really say whether this had an effect on weight loss or not but I definitely felt sharper when working out.
  2. Limit calories. I was never really a true believer of calorie counting. However when I tried it, it really made a believer out of me. I think I found a calorie calculator online somewhere and came to the realization of how many calories I need to maintain my weight. So what I did is I ate enough to maintain my weight but then created a deficit through exercise, just to make sure my body still had sufficient nutrition to get me through my long days.

My morning routine before my workout

Just for those who are constantly making excuses about they have limited time and can’t work out. Well I used to be one of those. I have a highly demanding job which keeps me so busy, so busy in fact I will be mentally too tired to work out after a days work. Do yourself a favor and force yourself to work out, you will just find it reduces your stress and increases your energy levels. Really worth while to just get started even if you feel exhausted after a hard days work.

Due to my own time restrictions I was forced to work out in the mornings. I didn’t know this at the time but I later learnt that working out in the morning first thing on an empty stomach really has a big influence on your weight loss. Something instinctual about early morning workouts. Which puts your body into “oh no we gonna die without sustenance burn the fat stores”.

Obviously in the beginning it was extremely tough for me to get going. Being closer to obese than in shape I had to force myself into the routine of working out. Part of the routine was to drink a large glass of cold water in the morning before my workout. I had read that this can get your metabolism working and also provided some additional fluid to your body for breaking down fat cells. I was actually amazed at what a difference this made to my fat burning.

How I got a flat stomach with this workout

Initially I couldn’t do much I was fortunate enough to own a medicine ball. They are extremely useful if you workout at home especially for abs. The great thing about them is they make the workout a lot more fun than it really is in reality.

This is what I did in my first week.

  1. Started with walking at a high pace in and around my area. If you don’t have a safe place to do this pacing in your house can work as well. I did about 10 – 15 mins of this every day for the first week. This got my heart rate up, the ideal way to train is to get some form of cardio benefit as well as fat loss. In order to know where you sit you will need to calculate your heart rate ranges for cardiovascular benefit and other for fat burning. Here is a quality heart rate monitor which will help you keep a eye on your heart rate : . What I like about this monitor it is inexpensive and does not require a strap which usually gets in the way when working out or just is very uncomfortable.
  2. Leg raises. Since I really didn’t have much equipment to work with I made use of house hold items to assist in my work out. I simply laid down on my bed and held on to the sides of the bed. Then did leg raises. You do these by laying straight on your back and keep your legs straight and lifting them up to a 90 degree angle. I did about 10 of these for 3 sets. This really nails the bottom part of your abs.

Two more workouts I did

  1. Obliques, these are those muscles no one ever works out for some reason. However they are very important for definition in your abs. You can build these with the medicine ball. Using a rotation movement. This exercise is also great for your core. You can do these by sitting on the floor, lifting your feet  up and bending your knees so that you are sitting in a v-shape. Pick up your medicine ball and turn your arms left and right, make sure the ball touches the ground on each rotation. I found this workout very difficult and would do them for about 30 seconds at a time. These really will burn your abs.
  2. Cheat sit ups, lie next to your bed and place your feet under the bed. Bend your knees and do a regular sit up. The bed will help keep you stable. If you don’t have a bed I would recommend this product: I did about 15 of these for 3 sets.
How to get a flat stomach - Sit ups door support

How to get a flat stomach – Sit ups door support

I did these every single day for about a week. Eventually when I started increasing my cardio the results started to come really quickly. If you want to get that flat stomach it is really important to have a steady flow of cardio in your routine.

The weeks that followed after that

By week three I was really suffering from fatigue and started incorporating magnesium, zinc and salmon oil supplements into my daily routine. When my fitness improved I started following the work out routine below with my usual eating routine of just cutting out certain foods.

This routine was repeated weekly in this exact same order:

How to get a flat stomach fast workout

How to get a flat stomach fast workout

Additional work out resources which you might want to check outAfter a while I upgraded the walk to a slow jog. You can do the same to make your work out more intense as you go along. I hope my story has been an inspiration. Also that this work out will help someone else obtain some of their fitness goals. Good luck with your journey ahead.

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Some of the equipment I used in my workout:

Sit up assist bar –

Heart rate monitor –

Medicine ball –

How to get a flat stomach

How to get a flat stomach

Step-by-step how to get a flat stomach fast
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Step-by-step how to get a flat stomach fast
Step-by-step how to get a flat stomach fast this was my journey to getting a flat stomach in just 60 days.
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