Sennheiser MM30i headset earphone review

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I remember I had damaged my previous headset the day before. Old clumsy me hooked my last headset on my car door and broke it’s wiring. I decided to start shopping around for a new headset. I have always like Sennheiser audio products and figured it’s time to give them a try. Being mostly someone who works on their computer all day and goes to the gym for work outs it was important for me to find the right headset which will fit both situations. This would mean a headset with great sound quality, the function to increase and decrease volume at will and an option to skip over tracks when I’m working out. Also due to the moving around at the gym I needed something which will stay in my ears while I train. So I was looking for comfortable and convenient ear phones.

After getting my set of Sennheiser MM30i ear phones I figured i’d really put them to the test. It turned out they were really great for at the office when I wanted to listen to my tunes. I later that day took with to the gym for my daily training session. Unfortunately they did not fair too well with this, the ear pieces kept falling out. With my ear phones there were a few ear buds which I could inter change my ear phones with. After a bit of trial and error I found some ear buds which worked perfectly for my work out.

Build quality

Over all I was quite happy with the build quality and workmanship. I was a bit concerned that the wiring was a bit thin and didn’t strike me as something which will last. However despite this, it does give a really sleek and slim feel to the headset which I really liked. Other thing I liked about the look of these ear phones was the curved audio jack. I have so many bad experiences before where I managed to break the connector off into my mobile phone or my tablet. As a result of the L shape of the connector, this just felt as if that couldn’t easily happen because it just spins around instead of breaking off like a normal straight jack connector. The volume adjustment buttons feel a bit bulky, but actually turned out to be a blessing when I wanted to adjust volume while working out.

Sennheiser MM30i build quality

Build quality

Comfort of the Sennheiser MM30i

Comfort of the Sennheiser MM30i

Comfort of the Sennheiser MM30i

The default ear buds I found extremely comfortable for my day to day work on my laptop. However they weren’t great for my workouts at the gym. Luckily with this product there are different sized ear buds. Which has great memory and also is soft on the ear. So shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to find the right comfort with these ear phones just by changing up the ear buds.

Sound quality

Here I was truly surprised, considering I’m really big on stereo head phones. Just the bulkiness of those things are just a huge problem for me to carry it around wherever I go. My earphones actually produced great sound quality considering how small and compact these are. Also very little noise leak and was able to listen to my audio pretty loud without disturbing any one else at the office. Also the built in mic is decent for skype calls, google hangouts and other conferencing which I used it for throughout my work day.

Added features

Being active it was very important for me to be able to adjust the volume of my audio without having to whip out my phone each time I wanted to change the volume. These ear phones have a volume up and volume down button which is very useful. It took a bit of time to figure out how to use it effectively with my mobile phone, but turned out the issue was a setting on my phone. After I sorted that out it was extremely easy to change volume and skip tracks while working out. Has a built in mic for video calling as well.

Added specs

It weighs under 2 ounces closer to 1 ounce than 2. With a mic with a frequency response of 80 – 15000 Hz. The cord is a comfortable 1.2 meters long. The ear phones themselves have a 106db sound pressure and 16 ohm impedence. Has three  adjustable ear buds for added comfort support.

Sennheiser MM30i added specs

added specs

Sennheiser MM30i my take on it

Over all they were very good for day to day audio. Such as conference calls, listening to tunes on my laptop while working and to some extent for my workouts. I would advise to use these more for work or personal use on your computer or mobile phone rather than using them while playing sports or working out. Definitely more suited for when you are sitting still or just moving around casually. I have also done a review on the mpow cheetah headset which might be better for you if you are looking for a head set more suited towards sports and listening to tunes while being very active.

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