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If you are interested in the Rode Smartlav+ Microphone. I will run you through my experience with this cost effective little lavalier microphone. Personally I use it to make my YouTube videos, but you can use it for all sorts of recordings if you have all the right connectors. Rode smartlav+ lavalier microphone for iphone and smartphones is usually only for smart phone but if you would like to use this microphone not only for your android or ios phone but your dslr camera and personal computer as well. Then check out lower down in this review where I discuss the connectors you can use to connect this microphone to your camera or computer.

Rode SmartLav Smartphone Microphone on Amazon Check out the price here:

Rode SmartLav microphone uses

I wanted a powerful and high quality microphone for shooting youtube videos on my smart phone. This little mic has a auxiliary pin which plugs directly into any smart phone which has an auxiliary port. The cable from the mic to the auxiliary port is a nice length and can easily work if you are recording on your smart phone from your desk. For any other shooting you may need an auxiliary extension cable. I opted for a 6 metre auxiliary cable which allows me to shoot from a relatively comfortable distance. This allows me to shoot standing up while presenting on a white board or just speaking. This little $80 microphone has excellent quality and I will have a recording later in this post which you can listen to which I shot with my smart phone mic vs this little mic.

Rode SmartLav microphone build quality

The cable is quite strong and has been tested with a lot of weight, or at least what the manufacturer claims. When holding the cable in my hands it does feel like really great quality though whether it can handle a lot of stretching without breaking I’m not sure, but it does seem like it is made to last.

The holder the mic is mounted on in the clip is a bit tacky with wiring used for this. However the quality is really good and it is compact enough to conceal if shooting videos. I also find this a great mic for shooting screen capture videos. I find that I need to get close to my desktop usb mic to get my sound right. With the rode smartlav smartphone mic it allows me to be relaxed when shooting my videos.

Rode SmartLav Review

Rode SmartLav Microphone Review

Additional accessories for the Rode SmartLav Microphone

The below extension cable is a Rode product which allows you to extend the length of your cable for your Rode SmartLav Microphone. This particular one has a female input and male output auxiliary connector. This does not come with the microphone but is a cheap extra which you can purchase to just improve your recording setup. This cable is sturdy and tough and I really would recommend buying this extra if you are going to become serious about recording better videos, live streams, webinars or podcasts.

Rode SmartLav Review

Rode SmartLav Review

Rode SmartLav Microphone Dimensions

Just to give you a bit of an idea of how big this little mic is here is an image next to it’s box. The box dimensions are about 5cm x 8cm. The head of the microphone is about as big as a index finger nail. The shirt clip about the same. This mic is very compact and you can easily hide it in your recordings.

Rode SmartLav Microphone Review

What you get in your Rode SmartLav Microphone Box

When you open up your box you will find your mic with it auxiliary cable. The clip which is not yet installed on the microphone. In my review video I will show exactly how I have set this up. Just to make it easier for you all to get started I show how to attach your rode microphone to it’s clip. You will also get an awesome leather pouch with the quick start guide inside. Everything in the photo below is what you can expect to find in your Rode SmartLav Microphone box when you have opened it.

Everything you see here conveniently fits inside the leather pouch and can be tied up to keep your mic safe and neat.

Rode SmartLav Microphone Review

Challenges with the Rode SmartLav+ Microphone

The microphone itself is really excellent over all but is very directional in nature. So in order to get great sound quality you need to make sure it points towards where the sound is coming from. For you to get the best sound quality. Also the noise cancellation isn’t as good as I expected it to be. Before buying the rode smartlav microphone I saw a lot of recordings where people had used the mic in the wind and outdoors. Where their sound was pretty good. However I found if you conceal the mic from the wind slightly the audio is perfect. So this is a little trick you might want to keep in mind when shooting outside.

The biggest mistake I made with this mic was that I assumed this would just work with my DSLR Canon 200D as well. I later unfortunately found out that it was not that simply and that this mic truly was only for smart phones. Luckily I found the solution and if your plan is to use this mic with your camera or for your screen casts then this is an absolute necessity. In order to solve the problem with connecting this microphone to you DSLR camera and other devices. You need a Rode SC3 TRRS to TRS Adaptor or converter. It is relatively inexpensive at around $15 and I would advise you to get one if you want to over come any limitations. Here is a link to one on amazon for your convenience.

Rode SC3 Adaptor –

Here is what it looks like and what the box looks like if you are going to pick it up at your local Rode supplier.

Rode Microphone SC3 using your Rode Mic with DSLR camera and other devices

Rode Microphone SC3 using your Rode Mic with DSLR camera and other devices

Audio quality of the Rode SmartLav Microphone

I found the audio quality to be absolutely excellent for such a small mic. For a comparison between my smart phone mic and the rode smartlav microphone check out this short recording. You should clearly be able to hear the difference in sound quality. Between using a built in mic and an external studio quality mic.

Rode SmartLav+ Pros and Cons

Pros: The Rode SmartLav+ has a really crisp and clean sound. The rode smartlav+ is very sensitive so it is best used by clipping it down lower on your shirt. This microphone is so sensitive people will hear you swallow if you clip it to high up on your shirt. Clip your microphone a little lower down to avoid unwanted sounds being recorded. Other plus of this microphone is that it is compatible with all smart phones. It is really great build quality with a really strong cable. So snapping this microphones cable will not be a problem. Like you may have with other microphone cables for smaller mics.

Cons: Are that you can’t just use this microphone with other devices besides your smart phone. You need additional converters to do that. Other con is the cable isn’t the longest out there, but luckily you can buy an extender cable for your microphone. This cable can extend your cable length up to 10 meters.

Rode SmartLav+ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rode SmartLav Compatibility?

The Rode SmartLav+ is generally compatible only with smart phones. If you want to use it with your computer or dslr camera you can purchase the SC3 converter. The SC3 will allow you to use your Rode SmartLav+ with any device which uses an auxiliary input.

Compatibility rode smartlav iphone 7 are they compatible?

The Rode Smartlav Microphone is compatible with the Iphone 7.

Compatibility rode smartlav plus android are they compatible?

The Rode Smartlav Microphone is compatible with the Android phones and smart phones.

How to use rode smartlav on pc?

If you want to use the rode smartlav microphone on pc you need a SC3 connector. You can get one here

What is the smartlav+ cable length?

The SmartLav+ comes standard with a cable length of about 1.2 meters.

If you are looking for this awesome microphone you can check it out with the amazon link below.

Rode SmartLav Smartphone Microphone on Amazon:

For sound quality check out this tutorial video which I recorded using my Rode SmartLav Microphone. I recorded this on my computer using the Rode SC3 Adaptor.

For more awesome microphone reviews check out my review on the Blue Yeti and AT2020 here: Blue Yeti vs AT2020 review

Rode SmartLav Microphone Review

Rode SmartLav Microphone Review

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