Potty bell training for your dog review

potty bell training

potty bell training

Have you got your sweet little puppy or full grown dog still making a mess around the house? Well here is the solution, you can train your dog with potty bell training. This item allows you to train your dog to ring a bell when they need to go potty. Instead of them scratching your doors, furniture or barking endlessly he or she can simply just ring the bell.

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How to do potty training bells for dogs work?

The bell simply will be hung on your door. After a while your dog will know to ring the potty training bell in order to let you know they need to be let outside. The benefit of this of course is that you will avoid scratching and barking or moaning which will be more obtrusive than the potty bell.

Potty training a puppy with a bell

In order to train a puppy with a bell you will need to follow the following steps. To achieve maximum learning curve and retention. The key thing is to make your dog comfortable with the bell and re assure them it’s not an obtrusive object. You can do this by laying your training bell on the floor and allowing your dog to see it, smell it and become more acquainted with the object. It is always a good idea once they have checked out the bell to reinforce the learning with a reward of some sort. Such as a doggy bite or something tasty. The next step is to demonstrate the sound the bell makes to give your dog a good idea of the sounds the bell makes.

After this has been done and your dog seems really comfortable.  Hang up your potty training bell on your door. Once this is done draw attention to the bell. See if you can get them to accidentally ring the bell with their nose. Every time they do this reinforce the learning with a treat and reward. Make sure to give positive reinforcement of your dog ringing the bell just to make them feel like they have done something really good. After a while replace the treat with opening the door. Repeat this a few times. Until your dog understand that ringing the bell will get them outside.

Make sure to do this drill a few times maybe 3 to 4 times for the first week just to keep it fresh in your dogs memory. In no time your puppy or dog will be ringing that bell to go outside. Without making too much of a fuss and only ringing that bell.

What if the first potty bell training didn’t work

Well if you have now found yourself where your dog has not responded to the first training. Then you should demonstrate a few times by ringing the bell yourself and opening the door. Then move back to the previous training regime to reinforce what the bell actually does. It is very important to try and be as patient with your dog as possible when teaching them about the potty training bell. Sometimes your dog may respond differently and be more inclined to carry out actions which are enforced with praise. The end of the day just make sure your dog has a positive experience through out the training otherwise it might backfire and not work at all.

Some extra tips with your potty bell

You can have multiple potty bells which are on doors. Just to allow your dog to let you know if they want to come inside or go outside. It really is up to you. The potty bell really is a great item to have. If you want to give your dog more freedom and also reduce any unnecessary scratch or noise.

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Final words on potty training bell

The Caldwell’s potty training bell really is great craftmenship with a stylish tag and bells which don’t ring too loud. It really is the obvious choice for your needs.

Potty Bell Training

Potty Bell Training

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Potty bell trainer
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