Financial independence blog and early retirement

Financial independence blog and early retirement

Financial independence blog and early retirement

Financial independence blog and early retirement

Some of you may have by now found this blog and read through some of my posts. If you have you may have a really good idea on what this blog is about. However I haven’t really given a proper introduction. Tangent life is a lifestyle and financial independence blog. The aim is to help improve people’s lives, the way they live the way they go about their daily activities and also help people achieve financial independence and freedom. If you have ever looked for early retirement ideas and strategies you may have landed on one of my articles in the past.

It has always been a big dream of mine to try inspire and motivate others through positive thoughts and affirmations. Being born from a leadership role I am fortunate to be in a position to be able to motivate others to achieve their goals and dreams. Whether that be on a personal level or on a professional level.

I can remember from an early age I have always been interested in the concept of early retirement. Asking those universal questions as you may have gathered. What would I do if I was financially free. Where would I go. What would I like to see.

Is TangentLife just a financial independence blog?

No most definitely not I have much bigger dreams and expectations. I would love to be able to assist people with ways for people to become free as human beings, to live an enlightened and full filled life. There is no real other way to describe it than as a whole some life blog. Covering topics such as finance, motivation, life skills and life hacks. Fashion and health as well as travel. I believe in order to live a balanced lifestyle all these components needs to be factored in. Especially your day to day health, leisure time, experiences and focuses in life.

Here are some of the core topics I will be writing about if you wish to start checking out the articles surrounding them:

Where can I find some of the financial independence posts?

Here are some of the ones relating to how to start an online business and also an online t shirt business. Check them out below:

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Where can I find some of the motivational and uplifting posts?

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Where can I find more inspirational stuff?

If you want to find a few more really nice inspirational resources check out our pinterest or youtube channel.


Difference between passive and nonpassive income in principal

Difference between passive and nonpassive income

Have you every heard the term passive income and were puzzled about what this really means? For most of us we might have an idea of what it is. However don’t really truly understand what difference these two forms of income play in our lives. This may have just come up in general conversation or has been mentioned to you before. Here is the difference between passive and nonpassive income.

Difference between passive and nonpassive income in principal

Difference between passive and nonpassive income

Difference between passive and nonpassive income – what is passive and nonpassive income

If you have just started your career you may have heard the term of non passive income. This most likely is what you are earning now. All new comers to the full time employment market usually fall in this category of income. Non passive income usually is the creation of income through trading your time and effort for income. Thus not passive as you have to be very active in the activity in order to get more income. Non passive usually takes a lot of work to make money and has many disadvantages with regards to your life style. It can take up time which you can use for travelling, relaxing with family, going out and having fun and just enjoying your free time.

So what is passive income?

Passive income would be associated with having a system in place which allows you to earn an income with out having to be active. Meaning you do not need to work to make the money. In general passive income can be more difficult to obtain as opposed to non passive. As passive income has a more long term effect so it is substantially more beneficial than non passive income. In order to earn passive income you need some form of automation process which automates your earnings. An example of such an income stream can be an online store, which has constant visitors visiting your website buying products. In the passive vs nonpassive income battle, passive income will always prevail.

Definition of passive

Passive income can be defined as any income generated which is made without using your own time to earn the income.

What can I do to start earning passive income?

There are a number of ways to generate passive income, especially online. Online business makes it easier because the reach is just so much larger than conventional brick and mortar businesses. Many online passive income streams originate from you selling leads to either an affiliate company, online shop or other business which needs sales.

Other forms of passive income can come in the form of property investment which allows you to receive a monthly income from rental. Software as a service is another model in which you can generate passive income by selling monthly licenses for software. Really my favorite form of passive income however is from online e-commerce stores which sell products. These easily can be scale able if you have a popular or trending product. There are also a ton of platforms your can use to get your shop started in almost no time at all.

If you wish to find out more about starting a business online check out our article on the topic here.

Sources of passive income or types of passive income

If you are interest in making passive income. Here are some sources of passive income which you can try and work on.

  1. Passive income from property investment and rental income.
  2. Dividends on stock ownership. You can use stocks as a source of passive income.
  3. Online sales, by having automated online sales and delivery process you can create passive income.
  4. Automate your business activities as a source of passive income.

Here is an additional source for any more info on passive and non passive income.

how to start a grill with charcoal

How to start a grill with charcoal cave man style

How many times have you started the grill and your fire has died out? Leaving you shamed in front of your friends and ridiculed by your woman. In this article I will discuss sure fire ways on how to start a grill with charcoal. These techniques are of course done at your own risk and can be dangerous to the pure of heart.

In this post I will show you a few ways you can start up your charcoal grill.

You may be wondering how to start a charcoal grill without lighter fluid. Here are few ways you can start a grill with no lighter fluid.

How to start a charcoal grill without lighter fluid

In this article I will describe how you can start your grill without any lighter fluid. You can start it with simple house hold items like newspaper, cotton wool and dry twigs even.

How to start a grill with charcoal using newspaper?

How to start a grill with charcoal using newspaper?

How to start a grill with charcoal using newspaper?

You have found yourself stuck with a bag of charcoal and nothing to get it going with. Oh no what to do. Grab a bunch of old newspapers (if you still one of those squares that read those things). Roll up the newspaper into an elongated piece of paper. Due to the added density you should be able to get it to burn long enough to get that charcoal burning. Make at least 3-4 of these newspaper twirls and stack them on top of each other like you would stack wood on a campfire. Just add about 10 – 15 charcoal pieces on top of them just to allow your fire to breath. Light the newspaper on all the ends sticking out. Leave to burn up to about 15 minutes before adding more charcoal.

Never ever dump the whole bag, that is just a waste, you should be able to economically get 2 – 3 barbecues out of one 4kg bag of charcoal. Depending obviously on how much meat you need to cook.

How to start a grill with charcoal if method one failed?

You have not been able to follow simple steps? Use this recovery method to save face. You have two options here. If you can feel some heat from your fire. You can recover by fanning the fire in a fluent motion for about 10 – 15 seconds. In this instance if your charcoal is turning red you are on your way to becoming the barbecue king. If not you may need to revert back to step one and use step two intermittently to keep the fire going.

If you are one of those lucky few to own a heat gun grab that bad boy and blast that fire with some heat. This should instantly recover your charcoal grill fire.

How to start a grill with charcoal using cotton wool?

How to start a grill with charcoal using cotton wool?

How to start a grill with charcoal using cotton wool?

If all else fails use balls of cotton wool and dip them in any flammable substance. Use these super flammable balls to get your charcoal burning.

Another method to start a charcoal grill fire.

Make a chimney. Take a coffee tin. Punch around 20 – 40 0.2 inch holes into it. Add a lot of newspaper at the bottom. Light it and add your charcoal until full. Give it 10 – 15 mins to get started. Remember this thing is going to be freaking hot. Use safety equipment (whatever can insulate your hands). Pour the charcoal into the base of your grill and you are good to go. Read on to find out when your fire is ready for cooking time.

How to start a grill with charcoal using what ever is lying around?

How to start a grill with charcoal using what ever is lying around?

How to start a grill with charcoal using what ever is lying around?

If you are a wilderness explorer and don’t know how to start a charcoal fire shame on you. I will tell you anyway how to do this with whatever is lying around. Find leaves, small twigs and old birds nests to start up a small fire. Add your charcoal 10 pieces at a time to this fire.

How long does it take to start a charcoal grill

How long does it take to start a charcoal grill. There is a big debate on when is the perfect time to start cooking. The general rule is holding your hand above the fire about 1-2 ft above the flames if you can hold your hand there for 3 seconds it’s at the perfect temperature. Of course the end of the day this is more of a guideline. Use common sense and manly instincts to determine when the fire is ready.

I am truly stranded with just a bag of charcoal and a lighter, no grill what do I do?

You have some options. Find three round rocks and one flat rock. Wipe off the flat rock. Pack the other three rocks in a triangle formation. Start up your charcoal fire in the middle. Add your flat rock on top and you are ready to cook. Feed your inner cave man.

What sorts of food can I make on the grill?

This is the best part. Here you can get so creative your mind will just pop. Obviously your meat, but did you know you could make eggs, pancakes, cake, bread and more on your grill with just a extra steel plate which you can add on top.

Some other sources to further your charcoal grill knowledge

Here is another resource if you want to know how to start bbq grill.

If you are a true man you might like this post about starting a business online check it out.

how to make a good first impression

How to make a good first impression

Are you one of those people who just doesn’t know how to make a good first impression? Then I would know what you are going through I too used to be one of those sad souls. As we all know the first impression can last but a few seconds. Also it can be even quicker for anyone to size you up and make a decision about you as a person. This undoubtedly is part of human nature. We are a skeptical species of any one which does not run inside our trusted social groups. The true key to making a good first impression is to show strong attributes, which will make the other person envious. It really can sometimes just be a desire driven thing moment where the other person or group appreciates your attributes.

Making a good first impression can be so important that it could effect your success in life. Your impression in a sales pitch, your impression in a job interview, trust in relationships and other walks of life which require social interaction.

Depending on the actual generation or focus group you are interacting with this can mean very different things. Here are a few general things you can do to be accepted by general society as a good first impression maker.

How to make a good first impression with the way you dress

How to make a good first impression with the way you dress

How to make a good first impression with the way you dress

If you have a very bad idea for dress aesthetics. Formal wear makes it very difficult to go wrong. Formal wear is designed for consistency of look. It is symmetric, balanced and stylish and will most likely will always be a head turner. Luckily with your dressing habits you have options, as long as you keep the look consistent and your clothing fits you like a glove you should be fine. Try to wear clothing which compliments your best attributes. Alternatively wear clothing which can diminish the negative portions of your physical appearance. Here is bit of a guide on what sorts of things you can do for different body types. I will discuss both the women body shapes as well as the male body shapes.

Women and the different body types

The main body types we see in women are the triangle,hourglass, rectangle and vee body type.

Triangle Body Type

Your shoulders aren’t as wide as your waist and you generally are wider in the hips. Here are some ways you can improve your look. With this body type it is essential to try and widen the shoulders to take away emphasis on the hips. For this reason wearing necklaces and v tops which show a bit more skin below the chin will emphasize the focal point to be on your upper body.
Wearing jackets with shoulder padding may help give that slight widening to the shoulders which will push the focal point up to just below your chin. Over all from a distance this should make you look more balanced and give you a more slimmer curvy look.

Hour glass body type

Your shoulders and hips are pretty much the same width and your waist is some what smaller than your hips and shoulders. Your body type is mostly curvy. For the best effect you would want to create a taller look. You can do this with high heel shoes, dresses and long coats tied up with a belt. To allow a longer feel. This should balance out any overbearing look of your being potentially wider than you would like to be.

Rectangle body type

All parts of your upper body are mostly the same width. What we would want to go for is the creation of a more curvy feel. To do this we need to emphasize the shoulders. Wearing sleeveless tank tops can really place more emphasis on the shoulders leaving the waist to the imagination creating a slightly more curvy look.

Vee body type

Your shoulders is wide and waist tapering in towards your hips. What can really help is the creation of long legs. We can do this with high heels and dresses which are just above the knee. To create that long leg look. Removing absolute focus away from the shoulders.

Men and the different body types

In men we generally see three different body types. The beer belly wider waist than shoulders type (right side up triangle), upside down triangle and the rectangle.

Right side up triangle

Your waist is bigger than your shoulders. With this body type you would really like to emphasize those shoulders. We are going for that v-taper look. Wear jackets which pads the shoulders. Suit jackets can also help this effect. Wearing a suitable belt and slimmer pants would create a slimmer look below the waist line creating a v shape top to bottom.

Upside down triangle

This is usually quite an athletic build type. You would want to extenuate your smaller waist to expose the obliques. Slimmer shirts will fit you best to make the shoulders look wider and the waist smaller.

Rectangle type

Everything is pretty much in proportion. Wear slimmer pants and jackets which widen the shoulders.

How to make a good first impression simply by changing posture

How to make a good first impression simply by changing posture

How to make a good first impression simply by changing posture

Body language is a big component in our communication as human beings. Not so much as an actual language, but can tell a lot about a persons mood and mental state. If you are slouching or in a reserved position all the time this could really damage the impression of your confidence. This especially could be damaging in a situation where you need to prove yourself perhaps in an interview or presentation. It is super important to convey confidence and will be super difficult for any one to get that impression if you look as if you are disinterested or negative towards your current situation.

Stand up straight keep good focus on your audience, have your level of sight meet theirs. It is good to make contact with individuals in your audience from time to time to allow them the feeling that they are part of the conversation you are in. If it is with one person one on one make sure to keep eye contact as this is a sign of trust and that you giving them your full attention.

How to make a good first impression just with good manners

How to make a good first impression just with good manners

How to make a good first impression just with good manners

The way you speak and treat people can make the world of difference. Listening and responding with an emotional connection can make people feel more comfortable. Don’t use vulgar language when wanting to make a good first impression it will only paint the picture of you being a low life. Be courteous and be considerate of the needs and thoughts of others. Allowing others to speak their minds gives them just so much more comfort. Don’t judge others you want to make an impression with treat them as a guru.

How to make a good first impression through good vibes

How to make a good first impression through good vibes

How to make a good first impression through good vibes

Be positive and rub your positivity off on people. Everyone likes to be associated with someone who can bring a shining light into their lives. Be positive always and make people feel you have something really positive to introduce into their lives. This feel good feeling will eventually be associated with your presence and will create a more longer term good impression of you to a person or an audience.

How to make a good first impression through speach

How to make a good first impression through speach

How to make a good first impression through speach

Speak clearly and to the point. This will make people feel you are an authority in your field or topic of discussion and will create and even better impression of your with them.

How to make a good first impression through basic body language

How to make a good first impression through basic body language

How to make a good first impression through basic body language

Remember to smile and put on a friendly face. Be confident and have an open body language no folded arms or hands in front of your face or mouth. Open up your body language keep your arms to your sides. Use hand movements in your discussions they just illustrate a story much better than it would if you didn’t. Think openness and allow the right people in. If you do they will feel more open and comfortable with you as well.

How to make a good first impression through grooming

How to make a good first impression through grooming

How to make a good first impression through grooming

Always be neat, well dressed and your hair and hygiene be at it’s peak. Hygiene is a big factor in how people perceive you. Bad hygiene can be a sign of laziness, no care and lack of ambition. Make sure to practice good hygiene

What else to consider when you want to make a good impression

What else to consider when you want to make a good impression

What else to consider when you want to make a good impression

Every person in the world is different and they all could notice different things. The above items discuss most of the common things people will look for when sizing you up. It is best to practice all of them day to day and keep all of these items maintained in your life if you wish to continuously convey a good impression. An example may be a person which is extremely grooming conscious they may notice nothing else about you except your hygiene and if you practice all the items above they might say after you have left your meeting or interview saying wow that person has really great hygiene. So try to practice all these items to try and make an impression with most of the general population on a consistent basis.

Other resources on how to make a good first impression

If you are struggling with self confidence. So many of us think are here is another article on how to love yourself and become confident. I think this will really help some of you especially if you are feeling really down and out and depressed at the moment. As well as if you feel your life isn’t really making a turn for the good.

Something else you might enjoy I think if you are looking to up your income you can check out our article on how to start a online business.

How to start a tshirt business at home

How to start a tshirt business at home

Introduction: How to start a tshirt business at home

I think you may agree with me that a t shirt business can be really lucrative? As we know clothing and apparel is really a huge market. Also clothing is really end of the day one of those essential items each person needs to own. In this article I will share my experience of dabbling in the t shirt print business and will explain how to start a tshirt business at home. I will discuss your various options from starting without any start up capital to starting with some capital.

How to start a tshirt business at home if you have some capital

How to start a tshirt business at home if you have some capital

How to start a tshirt business at home if you have some capital


When you have some capital to work with you could potentially start printing your own t shirts. There are a few options in this area. You options are the following.

What equipment you might need to start your t shirt business

Digital print for t shirts

Digital print allows your to in almost full color which opens doors for your printing business. How digital print essentially works is that it will be able to print directly on a material known as video flex. Video flex is a type of vinyl which allows you to transfer it and it’s shape to cotton and polyester based t shirts. The benefit of this is the material used is really rugged and will not easily be removed from the t shirt. It will really create a t shirt with excellent print quality. However the downside is the amount of work which needs to go into it. Vinyl based print usually requires cutting which can be done by a vinyl cutter.

You essentially have two options one where the digital printer has a built in vinyl cutting function. The other the digital printer basically just prints on the vinyl and you have a separate cutter for cutting out your design. This can be tedious because you would need to perfectly align your design with your vinyl cutter each time.  So it is recommended if you are going to go the digital print route that you get a digital printer with cut option built in.

Often the both print and cut printer can be quite expensive. However is very ideal for home use as you can get smaller models which can fit in a 6 ft by 4 ft space. Ideal for home users.

Plain old vinyl for t shirts

If you are starting out and would just like to get going with something which opens up doors. Straight old video flex vinyl print can be the best. You can start off with a vinyl cutter and heat press. Even though you will be restricted by the complexity of designs you can do. You do however have more options with a vinyl cutter you can start doing signage and other forms of printing as well as vehicle branding. Also this combination is more cost efficient for beginners. Also the equipment is small enough to keep in your bedroom and to do printing.

This type of print however is not suitable for mass production. However if you are selling extremely niche shirts which come in at a higher price you can easily make enough out of this  combination.

Sublimation print

This form of printing hasn’t had the greatest reputation due to it’s inconsistent results. However if you are starting from home and need to upgrade. This solution allows for more colors and more complex designs. This form of printing usually has issues with discoloration and mainly only works on polyester based material. The great thing about it though is you just need a conventional printer, which has sublimation ink cartridges and transfer paper which will allow you to transfer your designs to shirts using a heat press.

Silk screen print

Silk screen is more ideal for people who want to take their home t shirt business to the big leagues. This form of printing is more suited for mass production. Silk screen uses a screen template for printing on to the shirt. Thus it is not very efficient to use this printing method for lower volume prints as creating the template can be quite costly. Also the equipment involved is quite large and needs a bigger space to work in.


Embroidery is a print created by stitching patterns into your products. Usually used on golf shirts and caps. This print can really give that professional look and feel. You may want to consider this as well. Also the equipment needed can be ideal for home use as it also does not take up too much space.

Most of these methods use heat transfer methods. For those who haven’t guess what this is yet. Heat transfer print is usually some form of transfer material which can only be transferred via high heat. For this form of printing we make use of a heat press which can transfer these types of materials over to your t shirts.

Some common mistakes to avoid when printing t shirts at home

  • Vinyl or video flex type prints are to always be mirrored as when you transfer these onto your t shirt it will be reversed.
  • If using vinyl print do thorough quality inspection. When your cut outs get done there can be small pieces of vinyl still stuck on your transfer film and this will transfer onto your shirt. Make sure there is none on your transfer film after cutting out your vinyl.
  • If you are doing any heat transfer prints. Make sure that your heat press has reached your desired temperature and also make sure to not press your print for too long or too short as this may effect the bonding process with your shirt.

If anyone is interested in actual printing methods and what it all involves please leave me a comment and I will write a blog post or create video on this particular topic.

The benefits of doing everything yourself

One of the first benefits obviously being that you have absolute control over the quality of the product. Which allows you to have absolute confidence in the product being delivered to your customer. Another is that is can be some what more cost efficient if you are doing it yourself and are able to choose your own suppliers. You should be able to find some of the shirts for an excellent price if bought in bulk.

The downsides of doing all your printing on your own

It can be extremely labor intensive. When having a small business you should rather try to shift your responsibility. Manufacturing,marketing and other business activities could easily become over whelming and most of the things you will be doing won’t directly influence your income. Think about the amount of time you may be putting in to each component of your t shirt business at home. Activities don’t just include printing it also can include packing and shipping and more.

The learning curve may also be quite steep when you are not experienced in the printing industry.

How to start a tshirt business at home if you have little to no capital

How to start a tshirt business at home if you have little to no capital

How to start a tshirt business at home if you have little to no capital

Many of you may just be tinkering with the idea of starting your t shirt business. For this reason you may want to minimize your capital outlay. There is definitely options and I recommended  the following for anyone who wants to get up and running quickly. Drop shipping printed items can become a very quick and fruitful way to start. For those who don’t know what drop shipping is. Drop shipping is when you have a supplier or manufacturer which does all the heavy lifting for you including the manufacturing, picking and packing and shipping. How it essentially works is you get a customer the customer pays you and you pay your supplier and they ship to your customer.

For many reasons this is ideal for start ups with little capital. For one you will not need your own equipment to get started. You can recruit the expertise of a supplier which has experience in the manufacturing of t shirts. They also will handle the printing, shipping and packaging of your t shirts. Due to the drop shipping component there are premium charges on items from your supplier usually as they are doing all this work on your behalf. However especially for someone starting a t shirt business from home this can save a lot of time.

The other benefit is that if there are issues on quality with your supplier you can query it. Unfortunately you will lose the benefit of controlling the quality on your own, but there is still some form of support for your products you are selling to your customer.

Drop shipping will allow you to focus on what is important. So you will have more time for brainstorming your next awesome t shirt design. Have more time to spend on marketing. Over all your business will be more focused on what creates cash flow.

What you will need to make a success of your home t shirt business

If you happened to have a lot of friends interested in buying your t shirts. You may be able to completely build a business which doesn’t have an online presence. However in our day and age this can be somewhat unrealistic.

The steps to take to work on your online presence

  • Create your website, for this you can simply start up a word press website. I wouldn’t recommend any of these free services they will not allow you to scale in the long run. Get yourself a hosting company which can provide you with a domain name and a word press installation. Word press has plugins like WooCommerce which will allow you to sell your products online.
  • Open up your facebook page for your business. Make sure to create a complete profile. Customers are very sensitive on the completeness of your facebook page profile. Make sure it’s neat and complete.
  • In the t shirt business pinterest can play a big role in making your shirts go viral get a pinterest account and start tagging your designs.
  • Consider opening a youtube channel which show cases your shirts being worn by friends, family and others.
  • Get yourself a professional logo which can become a identifiable brand.
  • Create engaging content on your word press site to start attracting search engine traffic.
  • Build trust ask customers to review your products.
  • Make sure to have a good open channel of communication with your customers. Have some type of way they can easily get answers from you.
  • Have a faq page on your website to show that you are thinking of your customers and that you are credible.
  • Get a good terms and conditions, delivery policy, returns policy and privacy policy on your website. This builds trust and allows your customers to get a warm and fuzzy when buying your products.
  • Tell your story of how your t shirt business came to be. Be honest about what it is you are doing and what you wish to achieve. Put this up on your website for your customers to see.

Conclusion of how to start a tshirt business at home

I hope in this how to start a tshirt business at home guide you have learned some important things about starting your own tshirt business. Let me know in the comments below if there is anything you would like to me discuss further or add or revise.

Sublimation printing might still be of a concern to you due to the discoloration here is some more information on the technique.

For more info on how to start a online business check out this article : How to start a business online

How to love yourself and become confident

How to love yourself and become confident

Would you agree that in order to love yourself can be really hard? Especially when you are going through a tough time? Does it just break your confidence? I know the feeling and it can be quite a challenge to regain your self worth. Usually the feeling might manifest after defeat after defeat. Leaving you broken, hurt and afraid to continue with life. This is my journey on how to love yourself and become confident that I will be sharing.

I will in this post tell you my story on self defeat and how I over came this ball and chain. Hopefully this will show you how to love yourself and become confident again.

I will go into detail on the steps I took, the habits I cultivated and things I did to bring back my self worth. Hopefully the same journey will help someone in need. Here is the four quickest things you can change to start feeling better today.

How to love yourself and become confident

How to love yourself and become confident

Start with daily affirmations

It has been discussed the world over and reiterated hundreds of times. That positive thinking attracts positive things. The reality of course is that it’s easier said than done. If you are going through a tough time. It may be extremely difficult for you to see any silver lining. It is however alright to lie to yourself a bit in the beginning. Bring out your old mirror, find the things you like about yourself and say them out loud to yourself in the mirror, even if they may be fantasy at first. The main things is not to make yourself out to be a crazy person, but rather to just to kick your day off on good footing. It can always be useful to just start with a bounce in your step.

Better hygiene and grooming

One of the first things to go when you have lost your self worth is your over all hygiene. In order to love yourself you need to take care of yourself. Groom as if you are obsessive compulsive on steroids. If you are clean, odor free, neat and spotless you will automatically be at the very least one percent more confident than you were before. Not to mention your self image will improve and people might actually want to be around you when you are odor free.

Good posture

Make use of good posture. Everyone looks more attractive, outgoing and more successful with good posture. If you have bad posture you are also less comfortable. Appear shorter and less noticeable. If your goal is to create this person with good self esteem and a good self image. Make yourself look taller and more noticeable with better posture.

Use the power of the war cry

For many people it can really be hard to find internal strength. It can even be more difficult to internalize that and bring it to the surface. I find it very difficult to get myself motivated. Usually when I’m in a period of self doubt. I usually use a war cry to force out motivation. Bring drive back to the surface and give myself an opportunity to also let out any cropped up self anger and frustration. The war cry by far is probably my favorite way to regain myself. Usually an abrupt roar or shout of some positive affirmation. It sounds really stupid I know and will look really weird doing it in public.

However the war cry has been used for thousands of years to make people more fierce than they truly are. Life is a war day by day and why should you not have your own war cry to get you in the right mind set for the battle ahead.

How to love yourself and become confident in the medium term

I have now discussed four really quick ways to already start improving your state of mind almost immediately. How ever self doubt, self esteem issues, resentment towards yourself and just plain hopelessness usually runs deeper. So in saying this I have taken not just short term approaches to improving but medium to long term as well. Here is what I did in the medium term to over come self loathing.

Stop any substance abuse

When I talk about substance abuse. Everyone immediately thinks drugs OMG! The reality a substance could be anything you are over indulging in to help you cope. The sad part of course about this all is that initially this may have started as a coping mechanism. However over time it became a habit which you now despise about yourself or worse you are ignorant about. Whether we choose to admit it to ourselves or not any coping mechanism has an impact on our life style. Over indulging in food may bring on obesity which will only worsen your mental image of yourself. Drinking may lead to disorders such as depression, memory loss and other conditions which will make you just hate yourself more. Drugs of course you all know the dangers no need for me to say anything there.

The main reason really for abstaining from any substances, is not really the removal of the substance from your life, but rather to clear your mind. Truly the only way to heal is to have clear thoughts and to allow your mind to resolve them on it’s own time. Don’t beat yourself up if you are not healing fast enough, it’s all a process. Everyone is different and have their own reasons for being in the state they are.

Rediscover your passion

I found when I started applying the above steps, especially after breaking the cycle of alcohol abuse. I regained my passion for life and new things. It was magic. I had always been an extremely technical and mathematical person and now all of a sudden I became creative. I started drawing and writing and creating things which others would find useful. It’s really important you go on a search for something which makes you excited to your core again. Find your child hood again. Start a new hobby, start a business online, join a local community whatever it may be. Allow yourself to have this leisure time to do the thing you love. You don’t just deserve it you also paid for it with your emotional turmoil.

Create internal joy. Some may even turn to God for help. Do what you need to make you want to jump out of bed again. Be relentless in your quest for regaining your passion.

This all sounds very vague, but in reality if you are enriching your life with these things your confidence will rise on it’s own. You now all of a sudden have more to talk about. More positivity and can rub it off on others.

Become selfish

The world has stepped all over you. It is now time to just be a bit selfish for once. Take care of yourself and your needs for once. I am not saying do this forever, just give yourself enough me time to think things through, restructure your life and to recover.

How to love yourself and become confident in the long term

At this point I was starting to cross over from it being a daily routine to it being a life style and it becoming part of the new me. At this point the drive was so phenomenal I wanted to start challenging myself in many more ways than I could imagine. I wanted more and haven’t wanted more in a long time. It was a great feeling for a change.

This is going to sound funny, but I was always a bit nerdy and now I wanted six pack abs and big biceps. Kind of chuckled to myself about this, it’s something I’ve always thought of wanting to do but never really went after because I never thought I’d be able to achieve it. However now for the first time I felt I could do this thing I felt I am in a place where I can push myself past my own limits.

This is where my long term journey began. Here are the things I did next to build my confidence.

Start working out

At first it was quite daunting I struggled, two weeks went by, three weeks went by and I was hurting every day. Even though my progress was not as great as I hoped, I did start noticing improvements in my well being. Mainly my stress levels, mental state and really the self image improved drastically. I became concerned with using perfect form in my workouts and it brought upon a form of discipline in my life. Something I hadn’t felt since my years at university where I was studying quite a challenging mathematical discipline. The thought of having something so simple be so difficult and require so much focus to perfect gave me something new to live for.

Exercise really is such a big thing in the self esteem game you should definitely try it. I do however see it as a long term confidence builder, mainly because I never progressed very quickly and always see it as a 2 years or more plan to get into the shape I want to be in. The unfortunate reality is we don’t all have that perfect genetic advantage which helps us tone up in a matter of weeks. Perhaps it is different for you and you can put it into one of your short term routines.

Reward yourself

The biggest mistake I have always made was to worry too much about things which may never happen. Due to this I never rewarded myself for anything good I did. The really sad reality in life is most people are negative and will try break you down and stamp on your dreams. This in itself can leave you feeling stupid and unimportant. The only true real source of recognition can come from yourself. So reward yourself when you truly feel you deserve something. Remember set the bar high and you will feel just so much more accomplished. No free handouts to yourself :).

Further your education or knowledge

Everyone is more confident when they have something important to contribute. I am not saying you should go spend money on expensive degrees or courses. Just keep up scaling your knowledge. If you know a lot about a topic of importance you will just feel more important. I have a solid regime of daily knowledge building. Often it may be trivial and unimportant but I build on it every day. Even if it takes you 10 mins a day to just do some reading or watching a youtube video. Do yourself a favor and gain that knowledge.

Of course knowledge can lead to greater income which too could be a confidence booster.

Start helping others

Once you have achieved your own success of overcoming self esteem issues pay it forward. Guide others and help others with their problems. This even more so will give you more purpose and will push you even further in the right direction.

Remember you need to start slow and change small things every day. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just become better everyday even if it’s just one percent improvement per day. Create a sustainable life style which is easy to follow day by day for the most long term effect.

If you want to read more about self esteem here are some more wiki pages on the topic:


Investing for beginners

Investing for beginners investments explained

Investing for beginners

Investing for beginners

Investing for beginners, welcome to this article on basic investing strategies for any newbie. When you are a beginner at investing you probably starting out small and you either have a small income or a full time job feeding you money. Due to this you need to watch your cash flow. The first and most important thing to consider when you are looking to invest is to reduce your over all costs. Then to create a budget to allow you to have disposable income for investing. In the world of investing nothing is ever certain. It is good to understand the risks and not to spend money you can’t afford to lose on investments. Even though investing is viewed as a more long term strategy for wealth growth. You should still employ caution. It is also important to note that investing isn’t a fool proof get rich method and requires patience.

Different types of asset classes in investing


Stocks generally can pay out in different ways. One of which is a dividend. The dividend is paid to share holders at a premium per share owned. As it is good practice for a company to keep it’s shareholders happy by paying dividends it also is not compulsory that dividends will be paid out. In saying this you may need to consider dividend history before purchasing a stock if you your sole goal is to earn dividends. Other ways in which to earn is through the stock improving over time. This also is not guaranteed and you need to be careful about which stocks to choose.

Real estate

Property investment in the form of homes, buildings and office space can often be quite profitable. Definitely one of the more stable sources of investment, however has an often bigger barrier to entry. Due to the cost to purchase and maintain them. Also this sometimes comes in the form of a loan which adds to your liabilities and risk. If you were unable to pay your bond this could mean you could lose your entire investment to repossession.

Other forms of real estate investment is real estate trusts. Which allow you to hold a share of a property or multiple properties which the trust owns. This has a lower barrier to entry and also does not have the responsibility of maintaining and carrying out repairs on your own property.

Private businesses

Many people prefer this form of investing as it is often something they are passionate about. They know the business owner and the stake holders involved. However private business investment can both have it’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • You hold a stake in something you can be passionate about.
  • Can be part of your own baby.
  • You can influence change in the business depending on your share holding strength.


  • More established businesses have a higher barrier for entry.
  • Start ups are not solid enough and carry huge amount of risks.

Self investment

Of course the greatest investment is in yourself. Improving your education. Your knowledge and skills can be one of the greatest investments you can make. One cannot expect to grow ones income if one doesn’t grow their intellect. The two go hand in hand. Read more, take more courses, watch more videos on important topics. Up skill yourself daily. This is the true key to better investment, one of your time and eventually your money.

Where should I invest?

Depending on how adventurous you are and your appetite for risk you can invest in a multitude of different places. It is always advised to seek out the advice of a professional at an established investment firm in order to advise which stocks or other assets to invest in for growth. Other options include going it yourself through trading. There are many different brokers out there which allow retail traders to use their platforms for trading forex, stocks and futures.

In the trading space you will need to learn the market and implement trading strategies. You will need to become accustomed with risk management. This form of investment can span from a few seconds, to minutes to weeks or months. Really depends on your strategy. It also carries the most risk and not can you only lose your capital but can also be in the negative and owe your broker money. Despite these risks you can employ something called leverage. Which allows you to trade 50 – 500 times the money with your money. An example is if you invest $100 you can control $5000 with a 1:50 leverage trading account. In so doing making your profits so much more but also your losses so much more if you lose.

Really the end of the day your strategy for investment really depends on your appetite for risk as all investment carries risk.

How do I build up as a beginner to start investing?

Now that we have covered the different forms of investment. The first and best place to always start is to start saving. In order to invest you need capital. If you put away $500 per month into a bank account or some form of low risk investment yielding 8% in your account. In two years you will have $13,478.40 in 2 years. The more ideal way is to put away a fixed percentage of your income for investment purposes. So that your investment generally scales with your income. Also doing this as a very first thing at the beginning of a new pay check will help you control any adventurous spending which could cause you financial ruin.

Remember compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world and it is good become accustomed with the calculation.

Here it is in it’s most basic form:

Investing for beginners basic compound interest

Investing for beginners basic compound interest

Here is an example of how to calculate it using this example of $500 initial capital after 1 year at 1% interest monthly.


future funds = 500(1 + (8/100))^12

future funds = $563.41.

The compound interest calculation has more complex forms where you can feed in monthly payments and other fancy things and is a good tool. To get to know in your investing it will help you make better decisions on your own for what to invest in and what not.

Other investing for beginners

Apart from the obvious financial instruments which one can invest in. There are other investments which can bring forms of passive income as well.


Some like bitcoin and other block chains which requires hash calculations to be done and coin to be mined. For this you require specific hardware which is optimized for calculating hashes. These hashes form part of a block chain which serves as a trust network for certain information.

My personal preferences

Investing for beginners forex

Investing for beginners forex

I am more of a forex trader. I invest in the fluctuation of currencies in the forex market. Before you run off and get yourself a forex account just remember. All forms cfds and currency trading carry a high level of risk and you can lose more than your invested capital. The beauty of forex is that you can invest smaller amounts from $500 – $1000 and make considerable gains in a short time due to the leverage involved. I employ basic strategies such as harmonics, price action, trend and volume in my trading. Only risking 1-2% of my investment per trade. If it had to be a coin flip it would take 50 to 100 times before I could exhaust all my capital. Giving me favorable time in the market to make some money.

If you are interested in learning more about what I do in my trading I will be adding a few more articles in future on the subject. I’ll share some of my trades, thoughts and other things with you.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box on this article investing for beginners.

How to start an online business

How to start a business online simple steps

How to start a business online

How to start a business online

How to start a business online, is the question on everyone’s lips and why shouldn’t it be. The world of online business has exploded with the introduction of SSL (secure socket layer) which has allowed us to take credit card payments online almost completely safely. The online market is so large and diverse you can make a success out of almost any niche. Actually in fact it is a lot easier to create success in a focused niche. More focused less competition and also the chance of your potential clients being able to get the product from any other source than yours is less likely.

Some people are under the misconception that it is quite difficult to start an online business. As you  may require coding knowledge or expensive development resources. The truth of the matter is there are many ways to skin the cat. Your options are affiliate marketing where you resell other people’s products or services. This can come in many varieties from monthly income recurring income to once off commission for introducing a buyer to a seller. With affiliate marketing the barrier to entry can be a lot less traumatic.

How to start a business online with affiliate marketing

How to start a business online with affiliate marketing

How to start a business online with affiliate marketing

Really the easiest way to get started in online business is through affiliate marketing. Skills required are often not very far reaching. The reason being is that you do not necessarily require a website in order to get involved in affiliate marketing. You could be selling off your social media profiles, youtube channel or even from word of mouth if you wanted to. The other great benefit of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to get involved in the logistics. When I say logistics I mean things like, ordering, delivery, administration, client relations, support and other aspects of a business. Affiliate marketing allows you to become part of any business without any of these headaches and without prior industry knowledge.

Steps to start an affiliate marketing online business

  1. Research – Find a product you feel the market needs. Often it is much easier to just look at your own needs. If you have a need for it then why would someone else not need it right?
  2. Competition analysis – Do some research on other people or businesses which are selling this product in your niche.
  3. Become an expert – In order to sell the product you will need to become an expert on the product. Luckily there is a lot of information online, on almost virtually anything.
  4. Create a following – In order to sell you will need to create a following of users which may have an interest in your product. You can do this by using channels like youtube, twitter, facebook, pinterest and blogging.

Now the real question is how do you create a following. In essence this all comes down to trust in the end. Your users want to hear it from the perspective of another customer. You can be this brand ambassador by offering honest reviews about the products you are selling. In the end honesty will bring you the most buyers as the trust will be established early on.

Which affiliates should i join for my online business

In the end you are the one which needs to decide which affiliate partners you are comfortable with. After reading their agreements and getting to know their products you will get a feel for what you want to deal with and what not. A really good place to start in the beginning however is to start with a big name like Amazon. However I would advise that you build up a following first before signing up to any affiliate programs. They often require traffic or some sales in a certain window otherwise your account gets discontinued. Your main goal in the beginning is to build trust, get traffic and establish a following. Once this is there you can start monetizing.

How long does it take to start making money from affiliates

This really depends on your niche, amount of traffic you get and what sort of market cap there is in your niche. Obviously if you are operating in a higher volume niche it might happen sooner or even later due to competition. However as a general rule of thumb anywhere from six month to three years if you stay committed. This may sound very daunting as it might seem like a huge commitment but in the end it is passive income which is far more important to your lifestyle than conventional forms of income.

How to start a business online by creating your own store

How to start a online business using your own store

How to start a online business using your own store

The next option in the chain is to start your own online store. This is more advanced and can require some additional skills. Mainly you will need to acquire business knowledge. On things such as ordering, delivery, logistics, marketing, support, customer relations, human resources and accounting. Generally having your own store can definitely be more rewarding than that of affiliate marketing as you are not taking a margin of a margin you are taking a full margin. The biggest thing being that you will need to involve programming resources in order to get your shop online. However there are a few alternatives.

Online store platforms

  • Shopify – Shopify makes it a lot easier for you to get up and running fast. This platform is built in order to help newbies setup online stores quickly and easily.
  • Woocommerce – Using your already active wordpress blog you can use woocommerce to get your online store going.
  • Magento – This platform is powerful but requires development resources to manage it efficiently.

Online store business models

There is mainly two different types of models you can use. In one case you can make use of what we call the “dropship” model. The dropship model essentially allows you to get a supplier which will deliver the product on your behalf. This vastly reduces the following issues:

Dropship online business model

  • You don’t need start up capital for stock, simply order stock as your orders come through.
  • No need for storage, the stock will be stored at your supplier.
  • Packing resources such as stationary, boxes and packaging as well as the labor required to pack the item are no longer needed.

Some of the disadvantages to the dropship model:

  • You essentially are an affiliate reselling someone else’s product where you need to mark up the price. This can make you very noncompetitive in the market and it cause you to fail if you have not done your research correctly.
  • If the stock for some reason does not get delivered to your customer it can become very difficult to play middle man between your supplier, the courier company and your customer.

Self fulfillment online business model

The advantages:

  • You control the entire process and can make sure that stock is delivered on time.
  • Quality is better as it can be reviewed by you.
  • You are more informed, if your client needs information regarding their delivery or where the item is in the packing process you have enough knowledge to answer any questions.
  • You take the full margin and can adjust your pricing to be competitive.

The disadvantages:

  • You require storage space.
  • You need start up capital for your stock.
  • Employees to manage the packing, admin and other parts of the delivery process.
  • Additional third parties come into play, such as couriers, auditors, web developers. Which may require managers to be appointed.

Next steps in how to start a business online

In terms of the progression of an online business and how you want to start your online business is up to you.  It is advised however if you are a novice in the online space that you start with something simple and scale-able. Affiliate marketing is a great tool to start with this. Also as a newbie you would not want to go and invest thousands of dollars just to get something going which you might not even be sure it can work. My advice is to dabble in affiliate marketing and gain industry experience. Once ready the online store route is definitely the way to go.

Other considerations when you start a business online

How to start a business online seo

How to start a business online seo

It is a known fact that the majority of traffic comes from search engines. In order to improve your traffic you will need to become familiar with seo or search engine optimization in order to improve the rank on your content. The one most simple rule to getting great serp traffic is to create breathtaking content. Above all else this is the number one thing you should be focusing on in seo in order to have long term and sustainable rankings. Create better content such as videos, info graphics and other informative content which will help your users.

Final words on how to start a business online

The most important factor in your online business is you. If you give it the dedication it deserves it will eventually work out. The online sector is very different to the physical store model. It takes a while for you to get noticed unlike opening a store on a busy street. Online businesses need to put themselves out there to be seen by potential customers. Also it is best to try and follow sound principles in your marketing and create value for your customers. Offer a solution and don’t be “spammy” otherwise your customers will slowly begin to ignore your brand just like they do all other spam on the internet.


How to get better at pull ups infographic

How to get better at pull ups

Awesome pull up bar set if you wanna do you pull ups at home check it out here:

How to get better at pull ups infographic

How to get better at pull ups infographic

How to get better at pull ups introduction

Have you every wanted to know How to get better at pull ups. If you have this article is for you. I will go through the process of improving your pull ups with a progression program. For those who have tried to progress to the infamous pull up. You may have found that it is quite a challenging movement to perform. Due to the lower use of the lats and forearms in every day life. We as humans are susceptible to be weaker in this area. However if you are to achieve success in performing the pull up you have mastered one of the most difficult exercises for any new fitness junkie. It can be quite an excellent work out on it’s own to build lats, shoulders and the arms.

For others the question is often how to do 20 pull ups. The 20 pull ups is quite a sort after fitness challenge. You should hopefully be a lot closer to those 20 pull ups after following the progression workout plan. You could even try to challenge yourself to 25 pull ups.

The chin up whether it being the under hand or over hand variation could seem somewhat less challenging. Purely do to the disengagement of the lats which is being removed from the exercise. Chin ups are generally more focused on the biceps and can create huge amounts of gains in this area if you employ chin ups for building biceps.

Want to start with your pull ups at home here is an awesome pull up bar set: Pull up bar set on amazon

What are pull ups good for

Pull ups are really good for developing the lats on the back of your upper body. It creates that wideness and thickness of the back which gives you that v-taper look. It builds the shoulders and forearms as well. Pull ups are excellent for upper body if you are just doing pull ups at home, this can be a really great and cost effective way to start training at home if you can’t get to a gym.

How to do pull ups correctly

If you are unsure if you are doing pull ups correctly. You need to ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I feel more strain in the shoulder than in the back.
  2. Am I feeling strain in my forearms.

The important thing here is to lift with your lats not your shoulders or arms so much. Even though these will be engaged your lats should be doing a lot of work. It is really good to do a drill before you start your pull ups. Where you have no weight and you do a pull up without your hands on the bar. Just stand where you are raise your arms straight up with a wrist over position and do a pull up in the air. Make sure you focus on your lats. Do this a few times. Imagine squeezing your lats. After about 10 of these try doing pull ups with this sensation in mind. A lot of your work out will be mental and you need to make sure you mind it focused on the muscle you are trying to work out.

How to do pull ups for beginners assisted pull ups

If you are a beginner lifter in general here are some tips. Let me just go through the different types of pull ups for beginners which you can try. You can try assisted pull ups. For these you will need a partner at home if you are performing your pull ups at home. Hang on the bar and bend your knees and ask your partner to help lift you off the ground.

How to do pull ups for beginners slanted pull ups

If you don’t have a partner to help you with your assisted pull ups you can start with a more basic version of the pull up. You can do this by hanging on the bar and placing your away from the bar as if you are slanted. The further away your feet are from under the bar the more intensity you will have. You can perform these lying down if you have a barbell you can do barbell pull ups. Alternatively you can do these standing on your feet doing the pull up. Even though this won’t directly engage the lats, there will be some engagement which will allow you to improve over time.

How to do a pull up for beginners band assisted pull ups

The other option you have if slanted pull ups are not challenging enough for you. Otherwise you can use band assisted pull ups to progress. Get some resistance bands and slot your feet into them and tie the bands onto your bar and use them to counter your weight when doing your pull ups. Band assisted pull ups can really be a great pull up work out for beginners who want to improve at home and don’t have the money for a gym or don’t have access to one.

How to get better at pull ups

In order to improve your pull ups we need to first examine which muscles are worked by pull ups.  One of the main muscles being engaged in the pull is the brachioradialis which is the muscles just below the elbow on the top of the forearm. The easiest way in which to start building up to pull ups is to strengthen this muscle. You can do this with the reverse overhand barbell curl. Which does not just benefit this area but also the biceps as well.  Another method is to use the isometric to slowly strengthen the muscles involved in the pull up over time. Performing an isometric movement involves performing the pull up as far as you can and holding that position for ten seconds at a time. This should strain the core muscles involved enough to strengthen them up for which attempt there after.

How to get better at pull ups from other methods

Some other methods include making use of counter weight machines which allows you to lift less weight when doing your pull ups. However these machines have a tendency to create an instance where you are cheating and compensating for the remainder of the weight. It is preferred to strengthen the forearms and lats using other compound movements in order to prevent cheat lifts.

Another method of eventually moving towards correctly formed pull ups is to start with a wider grip. Usually a bit wider than that of a chin up which will engage the lats and forearms to a certain extent. Slowly you can progress by widening the grip further and further. Until the grip eventually is in the correct position for the pull up.

How to get better at pull ups using the chin up to become stronger

By switching hand position on your chin ups to an over hand position. This will engage more of the lats purely due to the way your body will move as you pull yourself up.  With the over hand position your legs and torso tend to stay in the backward position which prevents your body from moving forward which engages the lats somewhat more than usual. This is still quite an easy movement to perform as opposed to a full pull up.

Other factors slowing your pull up progress

One of the things many people struggle with when it comes to the pull up, is the fact that the body needs to be kept quite straight. Ideally in the movement to get the most benefit from a pull up the body needs to be straight to create the tension in the right places. This mainly is important for the force gravity places on the body to create enough time under tension to benefit from the exercise. It is always good to try and tighten the core when doing these super back building exercises.

Pull up progression program

The plan for better pull ups. In order to improve you will need to start with a program which will allow you to build strength over time. Unfortunately there is no quick fix to doing more pull ups and will require some work. This is great a pull up workout for beginners.

If you are at the point where you can not do any pull ups where most of us are. We will need to start off small.

Week 1

  • 3 sets of 8 overhand bar bell curls. You may want to initially stick to lower weight. In the beginning as the forearms are not built to handle heavy weight.
  • 8 sets of 1 minute stiff planks. This mainly is to promote the form you will be needing in your pull ups.
  • 3 sets of 8 front barbell raises. In your pull ups your shoulders may not have the strength to cope. These front barbell raises will strengthen your shoulders to help you handle the load.
  • 3 sets of 8 seated lateral pull downs. Use lower weight and perfect your form. Straight back wide grip. Pulling the weight down slowly feeling the squeeze in the lats. It is also useful to make a connection between the mind and the muscle by imagining the muscle working. Just due to lower weight you may not feel as much activation as you would with heavier weight initially.

It is best to repeat this routine two to three times a week where your chest is not engaged in other work outs for the session.

Week 2

  • 3 sets of 8 overhand bar bell curls. At this point we will be bumping up the weight slightly. Generally go about 20% heavier than your previous week.
  • 8 sets of 1 minute stiff planks.
  • 3 sets of 8 front barbell raises. Once again push up the weight about 20% from the last session.
  • 3 sets of 8 seated lateral pull downs. At this point you should be pulling down about 50-70% of your body weight.
  • 3 sets of 4 over hand chin ups.
  • Incorporate the isometric. Get on that pull up bar using a wide grip. Pull your self up about half way and hold for 10 seconds from a dead hang pull up. Repeat this five times in this workout.

Once again perform this two to three times in your workout week.

Week 3

  • 3 sets of overhand bar bell curls. 20 % increase in weight.
  • 3 sets of 8 front barbell raises. 20% increase in weight.
  • 3 sets of 8 seated lateral pull downs. 60-80% of your body weight.
  • 3 sets of 4 over hand chin ups.
  • Once again bring in the isometric pull up from a dead hang pull up. This time hold for 10 seconds then try to pull yourself up slowly and lower yourself slowly. Repeat five times.

At this point the core should be strong enough to handle the pull up from the two weeks of planks. In week three we remove this as part of the workout in anticipation of the first pull ups to be performed in week four. Just to give your core some time to recuperate.

Week 4

  • In this week we want to keep the blood flowing to the lats and forearms where we will be performing the lift. So for the first and second session in this week. Stick to seated lateral pull downs on 40-50% of your body weight. With this movement you will for one correct any imperfections in your form. As well as stretch those muscles and keep them loose.
  • It is now the final session of week four. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, you should be able to perform at least one well formed pull up. Challenge yourself and see how many you can do.

Other resources

Pull ups can be very challenging. If you do not hit your goals first time keep trying. Everyone’s body is different and for some it could take quite a bit longer to develop the strength.

Other resources on my blog : how to get bigger biceps