Mpow cheetah bluetooth 4.1 wireless headset review

The mpow cheetah bluetooth 4.1 wireless headset awesome product for the gym. I am a work out enthusiast and always like to listen to my tunes at the gym. I used to make use of my mobile phone with a corded headset which continuously got in the way when I wanted to jog, cycle or do any form of lifting. The mpow cheetah really solved this for me due to it’s wireless connectivity. I can now work out at the gym without any wires getting in the way. The sound of the mpow cheetah is also really exceptional considering how compact this head set is.

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mpow cheetah bluetooth 4.1 headset

mpow cheetah bluetooth 4.1 headset

How comfortable is the mpow cheetah

I have found them to be extremely comfortable. With the brace which coming around the back of the head. They really fit the contours of ones head.

Mpow cheetah ease of use

The mpow cheetah was really easy to setup and had no hassles pairing it with my mobile phone which is enabled for bluetooth. I tested it out on a few of my devices namely my samsung tablet and iphone. Really easy to pair on both and gave no issues. Also the design makes it easy to just carry it around your neck or roll it up and pack it away in your bag or in your pocket.

Mpow cheetah battery life

The manufacturer boasts up to 8 hours of in use battery life. I managed to get about 5-6 hours out of my battery. Still very good battery life if you are working out for one hour per session at the gym. Battery will last you almost 2 weeks at that rate which is not bad considering the convenience of the head set.

Earpiece drop out

This really was one of the most annoying things I ever faced with my previous head set. The constant having to put the earpiece back in my ear when I was active. The mpow cheetah has a stable design and very seldom have I experienced that any part of the ear pieces kept coming out of my ears. This really made it great for boxing and running. I was amazed at how well they fit your ears as well.

Volume and track skipping

Holding the volume button allows you to skip tracks. Really awesome feature I no longer need to whip out my mobile phone to skip any tracks like with my old headset.

Mpow cheetah sound quality

Crystal clear sound everything you would expect from a high end headset. Excellent for my metal tunes at the gym.

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mpow cheetah

mpow cheetah


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