Monthly blogging traffic and progress report November 2017

I have decided to release a monthly blogging traffic and progress report to try and inspire others to start their own blog and start to create their own little place on the internet where they can express their thoughts. Figured I would break my reports into a few sections each month where I will talk about what I learned, what I tried and what exactly I did in the previous month, what my goals are for the next month. I will also share my traffic reports with you to show the growth of my blog over the past month.

What I learnt in November 2017

In November I tried to focus on building more traffic to my blog, but soon started finding out that my Google ranking was starting to deteriorate. I decided that in order to regain my positioning in Google I would need to add more fresh content to my site to allow Google to revamp my search engine traffic. For the most part this helped and after just adding 2 – 3 new posts I started to see some search engine referral traffic again.

I think from this experience it is important to continue to add new content almost daily just to give Google a sense that your blog is still alive and not just some abandoned site which someone gave up on. With this in mind my advice would be keep your blog fresh and go and update some of your old posts as you learn more about the topic. Just try to continuously enrich your content as often as you can.

What I did in November 2017

I wanted to start getting traffic from a free traffic source. I decided on giving some focus on pinterest. In the beginning I wasn’t getting much traction on my pins. I decided I would also start taking an approach to pinning more regularly and making my pins as fresh as possible. The traffic started off slowly with about I think 1000 profile views in the first two weeks. It soon started growing quickly and moved up to 22 000 monthly views by week three and as of today I am sitting on 33 0000 monthly views.

With this whole exercise I learnt that repinning other people’s pins helps grow the popularity of your own profile and I started getting a steady increase in followers from 2 to 5 per week. I also realized that focusing on having quality content on your profile really made a huge difference. Then started making use of some optimization techniques and added descriptions to my boards, pins and my profile which also helped.

I did a couple of blog posts in November as well. Not as many as I would have liked to only around 3 – 5. I redeveloped my theme to contain hatom data and also did some optimization on page load speed. Can’t say that I really received much benefit from increasing page load speed, but am sure it will make a huge difference when my traffic starts increasing.

What are my goals for December 2017

Before I can talk about my goals here is my current state of affairs.

Pinterest Followers: 21
Pinterest Monthly Views: 33 0000

Monthly Blog Traffic: 387 views and 222 visitors. Which is quite a big step from month one October which was 119 views and 61 visitors.

Affiliates earnings: $0.80. Not much, but I haven’t really been focusing on monetizing yet. I have been just to trying get traction with traffic initially.

Just looking at the trend from month one I am hoping to obtain 40 new Pinterest followers in December. Increase my monthly views to around 100 000 on Pinterest. Then boost my monthly blog traffic from 222 visitors to around 700 monthly visitors. Among other things I want to try and create more blog posts I am aiming for 10 more blog posts. As a minimum for December. I would ideally try and focus on creating more blog content. Then will leave Pinterest to grow on it’s own from here. I’ll re-evaluate in a week to see how the progress is going to reach my goal.

Unfortunately I can’t do a goal comparison with October as I didn’t really have any goals for my first month. I also started late in the month so would not be a true reflection of progress. I will in my next report detail the improvements and lack of improvement from November to December.

Blogging traffic and progress report graphs

Here is some of the graphs from my blog traffic stats. As well as my pinterest account to give you more of an idea on how it’s going so far.


blogging traffic and progress report

Blog stats from october to november


blogging traffic and progress report

Pinterest growth for november

If you want to learn more about how to start a blog check out our blog post on it here.

Monthly Blogging Progress Report November 2017

Monthly Blogging Progress Report November 2017

Monthly blogging traffic and progress report November 2017
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Monthly blogging traffic and progress report November 2017
blogging traffic and progress report, the full guide on my progress from october 2017 to november 2017 and what I did to get there.
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