Monthly blog traffic report month two – December 2017

It is that time of the month again where I reveal my progress for the month. Needless to say I achieved a number of my goals for my blog traffic in December 2017. In my last traffic report I had the following goals just as a recap.


700 Monthly Blog Views
100 000 Pinterest Views
40 New Pinterest Followers

Those were my goals, but here is my awesome results:

My Blog Traffic exceeded my expectations with an extra 94 visitors. This putting my blog traffic at almost 4 times what it was in November. Here is my Pinterest views for the month:

Coming in at over 60 000 more than I was hoping for from November until December. Really a phenomenal growth between the two months. My followers also grew exponentially with over 3000 new followers which far out grew my expectations. This exceptional growth leads me to believe that January I should be able to triple my traffic, but my gut feel is that the traffic is starting to level out so here is my new goals for January 2018.

Blog Visits : 1500
Pinterest Views: 300 000
Youtube Views: 500

What I did In December 2017

My focus in December was to grow my Pinterest following and account. So I went on to using a app called Tailwind and started scheduling my pins on Pinterest to a few group boards I had joined. I soon saw some excellent results from Pinterest. I would definitely recommend if you are starting out that you get onto Pinterest as soon as possible to start growing your traffic.

Apart from Pinterest I opened up my YouTube channel. Gained 4 subscribers and at the end of December 2017 have had 180 views to my YouTube channel which has provided my blog with one visit the entire month. Not very impressive so far but I hope to grow my YouTube channel in January to allow this to become a more prominent traffic source. I also worked on my search engine optimization as a long term strategy for getting traffic and my rankings have gradually started increasing from getting no search engine traffic in month one and two I am up to 31 visits for the month of December. I believe that in January I will start seeing this number increase to around about 100 unique visits for the month.

The great thing about search engine optimization though is that it will slowly bring in traffic as I build up my blog and when it reaches maturity should allow my traffic to shoot up rapidly as soon as main keywords and blog posts start ranking.

I also developed a new tool called Syndication Genie which will help me syndicate my content to blogs, social networks and bookmarking sites.

What I will do in January 2018 to boost my traffic

I will definitely be focusing on my YouTube channel in January. I have just completed the Alpha version of my new Syndication Software. Which will allow me to syndicate my videos which should help me increase my YouTube video rankings. This should hopefully increase views on my channel. Then I should start gathering more traffic to my blog from YouTube in January. I will also be continuing work on SEO and Pinterest as well as adding up to 10 new posts. In order to my blog to get more traffic in from new content.

I also want to upgrade my theme a bit to allow side bars as when I developed the theme I did not include the code for this. January will be the deciding factor for the path my traffic will be taking and I will look at implementing monetization. Hopefully from February which should start bringing in some affiliate commissions.  For the month of December no commissions were earned as of yet. The focus is still to get more traffic coming in to the blog before monetizing.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and hopefully I will be able to again outshine the goals for January 2018. See

you all again in the next monthly progress report.

How I Tripled My Blog Traffic In One Month - Blog Traffic Report

How I Tripled My Blog Traffic In One Month – Blog Traffic Report


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Monthly blog traffic report month two - December 2017
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Monthly blog traffic report month two - December 2017
Monthly blog traffic report for December 2017. All my goals were obtained in this blog post I detail what I did to increase my traffic. What platforms I used and what my plans are for January 2018 to boost my blog traffic.
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