How to syndicate your blog content or videos

Have you ever wondered what syndication is and how to syndicate your blog content or videos. Well there is a very easy way to do this. Usually the most important places to syndicate your content to is web 2.0 properties. These properties boost your social awareness for search engines and for video submission sites. By syndicating your content to these web 2.0 properties you can boost your rankings in YouTube and Google search results quite quickly.

I recommend Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger Web 2.0 properties for syndicating your content. These properties carry a lot of weight when it comes to search engine rankings. However syndicating to these properties can be a lot of manual work. Just to get your content out there. I use a tool called Syndication Genie. I use this self developed tool to help rank my content and videos in search engines. The benefits of it is that it allows you to add your main Web 2.0 properties in bulk and then you can syndicate your content almost instantly to those properties with minimal effort.

How does Syndication Genie work?

Well you simply authorize your Web 2.0 accounts and this will give Syndication Genie the ability to syndicate your content. Syndication Genie allows spintax so you will be able to diversify your linking and embedding of content. You can also add a bit of a short script which you can syndicate with spintax just to create some more unique content when posting to you web 2.0 properties.

So let’s look at an example of how to use Syndication Genie. So I have just create this video or blog post. So generally I will post both my blog post and video to my Web 2.0 properties. So let’s use this case study.

I have the following video:

And this blog post:

So what I would do is create a short little snippet of what I will be syndicating. A long with this syndication I will boost my channel as well. So I will include my channel url:

Setting up a content syndication project

I am one of those no fuss type users. So when I built Syndication Genie I wanted it to be the least viable product and super basic interface. Here is a screenshot of the options you have when syndicating your videos or content.

Syndication Genie Dashboard

Syndication Genie Dashboard

From here you will click on blogs up top.

Types of web 2.0 properties you can add

Types of web 2.0 properties you can add

Click on the property you want to add. The nice thing about this is it will add all your properties for that account in one go. No need to add one by one like some other software’s out there. I wanted to make it super simply. Once you have added your properties click on “New Post” up top.

You should now see this screen:

Syndication Genie Post creation

Syndication Genie Post creation

Syndicating your content by creating your first post

With the above form you have the option to syndicate to all of your properties or just Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger. Next you fill in your title. This title supports spintax so you can add your spintax title for some keyword diversity. Next is the content which also supports spintax. In this box I am going to embed my video, link to my blog post with a spun keyword and link to my YouTube channel for that added link juice. The key to this method of syndication is to continuously add high quality Web 2.0 properties to your list of places to Syndicate to.

Here is an example of the setup for this particular case study.

Content syndication for video and blog posts

Content syndication for video and blog posts

As you will see in the title I use spin tax for all the keywords I want to rank for both in my videos and my blog posts. In the body I have a short description of the content. You can use spintax here as well if you are uber paranoid about unique content. Next I embed my video with the YouTube embed code. I then link to my YouTube channel with the spintax for my channel keywords. Next I link to my blog post on the topic. Lastly I add tags for the keywords in the keywords section. Once you have reached this point you are ready to syndicate your content. All you need to do is hit the create button.

Viewing your syndicated posts

Syndication Genie provides basics reporting. After the content has been syndicated you will be provided with a list of successful posts that were created with your content. Here is just a sample of what is looks like.

Syndication genie view syndicated content

Syndication genie view syndicated content

With this report it will tell you the keywords used, title, date syndicated and the url where you syndicated content resides. Has it ever been this easy to syndicate your content. The only limits is the number of properties you have setup on the software. Syndication Genie isn’t yet available for the public. For now it’s for my personal use. If anyone is interested in purchasing the first version let me know and we can look at ways that I can make it available to the public.

Conclusion on how to syndicate your blog content or videos

It can be really easy to syndicate your content if you have the right tools to help you do it. Even though this software is not yet publicly available. This just gives you a good idea of how you can syndicate your content, even if you have to do it manually just for now.

How to syndicate your blog content or videos
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How to syndicate your blog content or videos
How to syndicate your blog content or videos, in this tutorial I show you exactly how I syndicate my content and videos to help boost rankings on YouTube and in search engines. This is the most simple way of doing it to create social signals.
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