How to stop worrying and start living

For some people it can be really hard to over come the daily worries. Worrying often is all for nothing. Worrying day in day out can just create unnecessary stress for your self and won’t improve your situation in any way or form. I have been most of my life one of those people which have worried about things which usually just never materialized. For me at least this always started with self doubt. Thoughts of doubt clouding my judgement and ultimately making me worry about things like, is everything fine with my work, am I working hard enough, am I doing the best I can, these all lead to more worries which indirectly made me worry about money, whether I will succeed in life or not. In this article I will share my experience and how I overcome worrying just to get my life back. Check out the top ways to stop worrying and start living below.

The top five thoughts you should nip in the bud if you want to stop worrying and start living

  1. I am unsure of myself and my abilities. This has always lead me to thinking that I am worthlessness. Then creates the worry that others would think the same of me.
  2. ┬áThinking about failure which may never happen. This has always been a big factor for me. As soon as I don’t allow myself to think that I have made a success this creates more problems. Another toxic thought just opens up my mind for more toxic thoughts.
  3. Negativity, this is the number one life killer. With constant negativity your life will just have no fulfillment avoid negativity at all costs. Negative people, nay sayers and others which do not contribute any positive thoughts to your life.
  4. Attachment to things and fear of loss. Minimalism can help. Often possessions can just be a ball and chain, I had so much stress just purely because of things dragging me down. Own your things don’t let them own you. If you live a more minimalist life style this gives you freedom to travel and move around.
  5. Feeling out of control of your situation. No matter what situation you find yourself in if you start feeling this way you will just end up worrying all over again. Kill this devil before it comes up.

Top ways to avoid the worrying thoughts

  1. Become active, if you are occupied with something else you can easily stop thinking about your worries just purely because your mind can’t do both at the same time. Worrying really places a lot of stress on your mind.
  2. Start a blog, blog about your life experiences and this might help you start to neutralize bad thoughts. Often putting your thoughts on paper or reducing them to words can make you better understand where the source of the problem actually is. If you want to know how to start a blog check out our post on that.
  3. Get a really good hobby, if there is something you are passionate about this will just dumb down those bad thoughts.
  4. Let yourself live, sometimes you just not living because you are not allowing yourself to have a life. Force yourself to go out and enjoy life again. Be spontaneous. I remember I used to just to get away from the hussle and bussle would plan a spontaneous trip to the beach. Allow yourself to live, this is very important.
  5. Associate yourself with energetic people which are completely high on life and simply live the dream.
  6. Affirmations are a powerful tool to get yourself revved up for the day ahead. Employ them to help you get in the right mindset.
How to stop worrying and start living

How to stop worrying and start living

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