How to make your content better – Better content creation tutorial

So you want to know how to make your content better. Well the very first thing you need to look at is what makes your content so terrible. Really the quickest way to even notice the issues with your content is to. Proof read your content or if it is a video just to watch it before you publish it. Most of your problems is just in the basic details usually. Remember if even you hate consuming your content chances are that someone else will probably hate it even more. So really invest some time in quality control. Just reading over a blog post or re watching your video can reveal 90% of your content problems.

In this article I am just going to go through a few basic principles which you should just start using to improve your content.

Top 10 tips on how to make your content better

Here are just a few simple tips which you can use to make your content better both for search engines and for you visitors.

A Picture is worth a thousand words

A Picture is worth a thousand words

  1. Cardinal Rule No. 1. Don’t write your content for search engines, write your content for people. You may be under the misconception that the most important thing is to stuff your content with keywords. Well that would not really be considered high quality content. Yes maybe search engines will find this attractive, but also remember search engines are getting smarter and will eventually recognize the flaws in your content. Also it doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate if your content is crap you will never build trust with your users. So always write content for human beings and not with the sole purpose of ranking in search engines. Sticking to this rule will help you make your content more rich and useful and for this you will get social shares and this in turn will bring you more traffic.
  2. Make content consumable. The biggest problem with most bloggers is. They create these large bodies of text for people to read. When I see these types of pages I immediately think two things. This must be some spam blog where people are just dumping text. Second I’m not a big reader and a lot of people aren’t so I would just bounce off the page. Make your content digestible into smaller chunks. Make use of shorter paragraphs, add images to break up your posts and use basic simple language. Using advanced language can easily throw off any visitor. Sometimes your visitors may not be native language readers of your content. So keep it simply so that everyone can benefit.
  3. Illustrate as much as possible. Pictures and graphics is important in illustrating your point. If no one even bothers looking at your posts you could still engage them with imagery to get your point across. Even if you are producing video content, just could just make your video so much more engaging.

    Here are just a few more tips on how to make your content better continued…

    deliver on your promises

  4. Be honest about expectations you create. When writing content or making videos. Be upfront about what people will be gaining from your content. In business we call this the value proposition. In your content just keep it simple tell them what you will be teaching them or discussing. Then just deliver on your promises. Nothing worse than being told you will see X in this video and you watch it through and you didn’t get X. Just a whole waste of your time.
  5. Immediate promise of a solution. This is super important, because it will reduce the bounce rate from your videos and your blog posts quite easily. If you are trying to rank for “How to make your content better” for example and someone searches it on a video site or on a search engine. Then they happened to find your page and when they click through and see a title like “Pest Control:Killing Flies”. This is the extreme case but if they immediately feel that this page is not going to deliver the solution the only logical thing to do is bounce off the page. Make sure your titles and prominent text or images speaks to the solution. This will just get you that added probability that those visitors will at the very least read through some part of your content.
  6. Bonus tips. Make sure for every bit of content you have your big bonus tip or super value added point. Promise a bonus tip in the beginning of your post or video. This works better with video because they can’t just skip to the text that says. “My big bonus tip”, however even in blog posts this can be useful as your visitor needs to at least scroll down to where the tip is. This sort of added engagement coupled with tools like Google Analytics can spell HIGH ENGAGEMENT! for search engines or video sites. So try to bring this strategy into your posts.Another way to approach this is to turn it into a bit of a quiz. Write up your post or create your video and mention a “passphrase” somewhere. Then offer up a free course or some valuable content where they need to enter this passphrase.

    Some more tips on how to make your content better to follow…


    create a cause for action

    create a cause for action


  7. Add video to your posts and blog posts to your video. There are many different types of people consuming content. Everyone has their preference between video and text based content. Why not offer a bit of everything to everyone which stumbles on your content. By adding video to your blog posts right at the top is where I usually suggest you put it. You can get more engagement from the avid video viewer. Also with a short snippet of a blog post in the description of your videos, will not just help your videos rank higher but will also give people who find your videos a short description of what your video is all about.
  8. Spoon feed. I remember back in school how many kids were inclined to the behavior of having to be spoon fed with information. It is common for some human beings to have short attention spans or to have a short attention span. For whatever reason it may be like being overly busy or some other reason. Always aim to Feed through your point without creating too much to think about. Unless of course you are creating content on philosophy or some topic which requires extensive thinking, there is no reason to make things harder than they should be.
  9. Content must be actionable. One of the big reasons why content such as. “Top tips…”, “Best ways to…”, “Step by step …”, “Full how to…” etc does so well is because they have the promise of delivering something actionable. Always make sure that your content provides enough useful value and information to allow the reader or viewer to go away and be able to action whatever it is you are teaching. 
  10. Ask for something back. This may be a bit counter intuitive. After all this whole article has been telling you how you should indulge the laziness of human beings by spoon feeding them information. Well even though this seems illogical. Creating a clear call to action creates not just a beneficial engagement with your content for distribution purposes, but also creates a interaction with your visitor which can put out in the form of a memory about your site or brand. The more you get your visitors or viewers to engage the more they will remember you. You could ask a question and ask them to comment in your comment box. You could ask them to share your content or subscribe to your channel. Always have some call to action to drive the engagement with your content.


In conclusion there are a lot of different strategies you can use to improve your content. You will just have to start experimenting with your content. I hope that you have liked this article and that it has given you a really good base to work off of. If you liked it please share it . Every share helps me keep creating new and more exciting content. Also if you would like to support me subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will get more insightful content which you can use for your business.


How to make your content better - Better content creation tutorial
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How to make your content better - Better content creation tutorial
How to make your content better, I go through the most important rules when creating your content. To just start making your content so much better in the long run. Apply these rules if you want to improve engagement with your content and you search engine rankings.
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