Top 11 tips on How to get rid of belly fat

Medicine balls for stomach workout :

How to get a flat stomach - medicine ball

How to get a flat stomach – medicine ball

That infamous belly fat problem you may have? Have you ever wondered how to get rid of it? Well here are my top tips for cutting belly fat and becoming more toned. Being through a journey myself where I had enormous amounts of belly fat. Here are the Top 11 tips on How to get rid of belly fat which I used to trim down belly fat in just 60 days.

Top 11 tips to start getting rid of belly fat

  1. Cut out alcohol, most people consume way too much alcohol which is super high in calories. This is not just the only problem. Alcohol also effects your insulin levels which can cause your body to store fat and not burn it.
  2. Eat cleaner, the easiest way to eat cleaner without effecting your diet too much.  Is to start eliminating any processed foods. Avoid things like sausages, crisps and other forms of processed foods. They often have many negative substances which can slow down your metabolism.
  3. Increase caffeine in take, if you are not getting much caffeine in. This might be a good tip for you. Caffeine is known to boost metabolism and can help your body burn fat faster.
  4. Incorporate some form of HIIT, start doing some high intensity interval training. Studies have shown that this form of training has longer lasting fat burning effects. This can be a simple work out. I usually do some sprints just to get my heart rate up. Sprints are really a great and easy way to do HIIT. If you don’t have anywhere to sprint you can use some weights and squat down and push up rapidly. Otherwise if you have stairs these are great for doing high intensity workouts.
  5. Manifestation, imagine yourself getting slimmer and you most likely will. Your mind will help you lose the weight if you start to imagine the body you want.
  6. Incorporate some ab routine, start doing some ab training or training which focuses on your core muscles to start building your core muscles.
  7. Try to workout first thing, try and workout first thing in the mornings to increase the fat burning effect. If you work out on an empty stomach and while your body is well rested this will increase the amount of fat your body can burn.
  8. Don’t forget your obliques, often people forget about their obliques completely when working out. They are extremely important in improving your physique around your abdominal area.
  9. Strength training, strength training has many benefits which can increase growth hormone and ultimately help weight loss. Try to incorporate some form of strength training into your routine. Even if it is unrelated to your belly it will help manage your weight and fat percentage over time.
  10. Clear your bowls, cleansing the bowls really helps improve digestion and speeds up the process of disposing of toxins which could hinder your ability to burn fat.
  11. Cut out sugar, try and cut out sugar to improve your metabolism and reduce fat burning restrictions.

Burning belly fat the sad truth – How to get rid of belly fat long term

The above ten tips will really help you to start managing your belly fat and cutting it over time. However the true and best way to cut fat is to do cardio and increase intensity over time. Try to incorporate more and more cardio if your goals are to start cutting more weight over the long term. Need more info on how to get a flat stomach fast check out our post on that.

how to get rid of belly fat

how to get rid of belly fat

Top 11 tips on How to get rid of belly fat
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Top 11 tips on How to get rid of belly fat
Top 11 tips on how to get rid of belly fat really fast. My full guide of tips on how to lose that belly fat with simple hacks you can do every day.
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