How to get bigger arms without weights

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Bigger arms with the Power Twister Arm and Chest Builder

Do you not have access to a gym and want to get bigger biceps at home?  Have you ever wondered how to get bigger arms and triceps fast? Maybe you thought of taking a supplements for bigger biceps. The truth really is there is no best supplement for getting bigger biceps. It all comes down to pure hard work. However diet is very important in your building routine, you will need to work out hard to build your biceps. In this guide I will share my tips on how to get bigger biceps without weights, some of the exercises I will incorporate household items which can help you as well.

Here is how to get bigger arms

In order to build bigger biceps, we need to incorporate other muscles in the arm as well. Obviously you will not be able to have a well defined arm if you only work on your biceps alone. The triceps also play a very important role in your arms look and size. So it is imperative to do exercises for both the triceps and biceps. This may include movements such as dips, curls, extensions and other forms of movement which will engage the arm.

Especially if you are looking to make fast progress you will need to do both to grow those arms. The great thing about this though is the muscles aren’t completely interconnected which allows you to train both without hampering the growth of the other.

What will we be doing in our how to get bigger arms work out

In order to create as much stretch on the muscle as possible we will be incorporating isometric as well as contraction movements. In order to perform isometric you will lift to the height of the lift and hold the position. We will also bring in eccentric and concentric movements in order to target all the muscle fibers.

Chin ups for bigger arms

How to get bigger arms

How to get bigger arms

Chin ups can be a great workout for biceps which you can do at home. All you need is a bar and your own body weight. In order to build bigger biceps you need to work on the hypertrophy of your muscle fibers. In order to focus on growth you need to do between 8 – 12 reps. Start from a dead hang on the bar. Use a under hand grip when holding onto the bar. Slowly pull yourself up to do the chin up.

Make sure to take your time when lowering and lifting yourself up. If you move quickly you will hamper your progress. Make sure your lifting is completely controlled. Make sure to go back down to almost a completely dead hang on the bar each time you lower yourself. If you are struggling with chin ups and pull ups check out the guide on how to get better at pull ups. This guide can help you improve your pull ups, but will also really help you get better at chin ups as well if you follow it closely.

Let’s do something about getting bigger triceps

The number one triceps workout you can do at home is the dip. There are different variations of dips you can do. If you are a beginner the bench or table dip is the easiest. Start by sitting on a bench or low table. Put your hands with a over hand grip over the table edge. Throw your feet out in front of you so that your butt is off the table or bench. Now using your arms lower yourself down slowly make sure to only bend your elbows when doing this. Then slowly push up. Repeat 8 – 12 times. For 4 sets.

The more advanced dip can be done with two chairs. Make sure they are stable as they will be taking most of your weight. Take the two chairs and place them shoulder width apart. Have their back rests face one another. Stand in the middle of the two chairs place your right hand with a over hand grip on the one to the right and your left hand with a over hand grip on the one to the left. Bring up your feet behind you by bending your knees. Then slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbow. Slowly bring yourself up again. You have just done a dip. Make sure to perform the movement with as much control as possible.

The bicep curl for bigger arms

The truth of the matter is you don’t need a lot of weight to start building some form of definition in your biceps. You can use any type of weight such as bricks, rocks or anything heavy lying around which you can hold in your hand quite comfortably. The real key is to do the exercise properly and create as much tension on the muscle as you can with your lighter weights. When doing bicep curls it’s important to remember to keep your elbow stationary and not for your elbow to move with the curl. This just creates too much momentum in the lift. Especially with your really light weights such as your brick this should be avoided at all costs otherwise it will all be for nothing.

Keep your elbows next to your side and hold the brick or weight in your hand next to your  side, only bring your hand up to your chest. Don’t move any other part such as your elbow. You can bend your elbow but make sure your elbow stays next to your side. Do 8 -12 of these and 4 sets of those.

Triceps extensions to help the growth of triceps

This work out uses a form of extensions to engage the triceps. Use your weight from earlier sit down on a stable chair. Hold up your hand above your head straight up with the weight. Then simply bend your elbow so that your hand goes inwards behind your head. Do 8 – 12 of these for 4 sets. You can perform another form of extension where you lie down and hold the weight out in front of you above your chest. You then bend your elbow so your hand comes in towards you abdomen then you extend back up to work on those triceps.

Of course with all of these you would want to bring in the isometric where you will hold your lift for about 10 seconds 5-8 reps 4 sets. This will help the muscle stretch for longer creating more hypertrophy.

How to get bigger arms with weights

It will be a lot easier to build bigger arms with free weights. Which will allow you to overload the arm a lot more than you would with less weight on the arms. Use weights that are a good weight for you. You can do over hand curls with a bar bell, underhand curls with a bar bell and both underhand and overhand curls with dumb bells to increase your arms size. The key of course is to shock the muscle by mixing it up as much as possible.

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how to get bigger arms

how to get bigger arms

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