Goose Island beer brewing equipment starter kit

Goose Island Beer Brewing Kit

Goose Island Beer Brewing Kit

Among some of the more intriquet hobbies out there. Beer brewing could be rewarding for any beer enthusiast, whether you are a taster, tester, drinker, swirl er or just a plain old beer connoisseur. Then perhaps you have thought of starting up a small brewing house from the comfort of your home or local shop. The question is always though how do I get started with brewing my own beer. When I started getting interested in beer brewing equipment. I came accross this all in one starter kit called the Goose Island beer brewing equipment starter kit. This may be a starter kit with just a few items in it, but has everything any enthusiast or beginner beer brewer needs to start brewing beer.

Where to buy the Goose Island Beer Brewing Starter Kit? You can get it here on Amazon:

What is included in the Goose Island beer brewing starter kit?

As you would come to expect the kit comes with everything you need to get started. The kit includes things such as fermentor tanks, bottle fillers and more.

Here is the full list of what your kit will include when you purchase it.

  1. The Goose Island Porter Brewery Edition Recipe Kit
  2. Goose Island 6.5 gallon fermentor bubbler airlock with a lid.
  3. Goose Island Bottling bucket with Spigot assembly.
  4. 5 Gallon stainless brew kettle.
  5. 21 inch stainless spoon.
  6. 5ft of Siphon tubing and Siphon tube holder.
  7. Cleaner / Sanitizer
  8. Bottle brush
  9. Royal® Crown Bottle Capper & Caps (60ct.)

Now that you know what you will be getting in your kit. What are all these things for and what is the process. Actually the whole process is quite interesting. You need to first create a Wort solution which is then Fermented and Finally bottled. In the most basic sense that is all beer brewing is. Below I will discuss the whole process and how you can make your own beer with the Goose Island Beer Brewing Starter Kit.

Goose Island Beer Brewing Kit

Goose Island Beer Brewing Kit

How you can make your own beer – How beer is made step by step

The first of the process is to produce the Wort. The wort is made from malt, hobs and water. With your Goose Island Starter Kit you will receive some of the ingredients needed to make your Wort. You will place all the ingredients into your brew kettle. The brew kettle will then heat the wort and you will add your hops for flavoring. Be careful that you kettle does not boil over. To avoid this use the 21 inch stainless spoon to stir your wort if boil over occurs. Once the boiling process is done.

You will cool the wort to more or less room temperature and add in the yeast. Once the yeast is added you need to let the yeast do it’s job. Before adding the wort and yeast together. You need to sanitize the 6.5 gallon fermentor. Once it has been sanitized you can add the wort and the yeast to the fermentor.

After letting the yeast sit you need to wait until the fermentation process ends. Usually this happens within 1- 2 weeks after the yeast has been added. Make sure to keep everything sanitized so that nothing can effect the process. Once the fermentation process is done your beer is more or less ready for bottling. For the bottling process you will use the 5ft of Siphon tubing. You will start siphoning at the top of your  fermentor and fill the bottles. Never siphon from the bottom as there is often yeast and other solids from the fermentation process that sinks to the bottom which you don’t want to get into your beer.

How to carbonate your newly made beer

At this point your beer will be completely uncarbonated. To add a bit of carbonation to the mix you will just fill your bottles to allow around one inch before full. Now you can make a sugar solution with water and add a few drops to your beer. Close up your bottles with the clamp on caps. The sugar solution will react with the yeast which will created carbon gas which will carbonate your beer.

Lagering process

Once your beer is bottled. You need to let it sit for a few weeks so that the carbonation and final stage of the fermentation process can complete. After this process is done your beer is finally ready to drink and enjoy.

Frequently asked questions

What does a beer brewing kit cost?

Check out the price here for this beer brewing kit:

What goes into the making of beer or what is the main ingredients of beer?

Beer contains a number of ingredients such as malt, yeast, hops, water and sugar solution for carbonation.

How do you brew beer at home?

If you want to start brewing beer at home. You could start with a brewing kit which will contain all the items you need to get started with brewing beer.

What does Lagering do to beer?

The process of lagering is a cold fermentation process where the beer is fermented in a colder setting.

What happens during beer fermentation?

Fermentation uses yeast which converts glucose or sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. The process converts the wort solution into beer over time by changing the glucose into alcohol.

How do I learn to make beer?

This article is a quite a easy to follow starter guide on how you can make your own beer. Just follow the steps in this article and you should be able to produce your first batch of beer.

How do you make beer without alcohol?

In order to achieve this the beer needs to be heated to allow the alcohol to evaporate. Always add some extra yeast when bottling to continue the fermentation but at a much slower pace than in the initial stages.

What do you need to make beer?

Usually you need a few core items. Such as a Kettle, Fermentor, Bottling bucket, Siphon, Bottles and caps as well as a cap crimper.

Conclusion on beer making

I hope this article has been useful and that you will have an awesome first batch of beer. I really recommend the Goose Island Beer Brewing Starter Kit for a quick setup where you can start brewing your own beer in no time without needing additional equipment. It will really make it a lot easier for you to start making beer at home.

Goose Island beer brewing equipment starter kit
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Goose Island beer brewing equipment starter kit
Goose Island beer brewing equipment starter kit, how to make your own beer. The process of making your own beer at home step by step. Using this awesome beer making starter kit. I discuss what goes into making your own beer.
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