Golf Buddy WT6 – GPS Watch Honest Review

golf buddy wt6 - front view

golf buddy wt6 – front view










The new Golf Buddy WT6 – GPS Watch. For the serious golfer who wants to track shot distance and a lot lot more. This gps watch has all the features from it’s predecessor. With a few more new extended features such as the extended battery life. The new version Golf Buddy WT6 is just as easy to use as the previous version with just three buttons for switching between the various modes on the gps. Along with it’s simplicity the ravishingly good looks and stylish watch is still light weight and compact and will not interfere with your golf swing.

Golf buddy wt6 - side view

Golf buddy wt6 – side view











Golf buddy WT6 features

The golf buddy wt6 has all the features you would come to expect from a quality golf gps.

  1. Hole and course recognition. With automatic course and hole recognition you do not have to pick the course or hole you are on. This advanced golf gps will find the course and hole you are on completely automatically. Allowing you to focus on your game not on your tech.
  2. Pre loaded with over 38 000+ courses this golf gps will most likely have any of the courses you may be playing on.
  3. Dedicated golf button which just makes this golf gps super easy to use. No complex interfaces or buttons to figure out, it has truly been built for simplicity of use.
  4. Distance to hazard and sand trap tracking. This feature gives you accurate data to allow you to avoid those pesky hazards. Let this golf gps be your expert caddy.
  5. Shot distance tracking, this gps has shot distance tracking so that you can figure out the technical aspects of your golf game instantly. Always wondered how far you hit specific clubs this gps will give you perfectly accurate measurements of your shots.
  6. Rechargeable built in battery with a battery life of up to 9 hours when in full use.
  7. Water resistant build will protect this watch from damage in rainy weather.
  8. Distance measurements to front, back and center of the green. Helps you judge your carry distance required to get your shots closer to the pin.
  9. Has a regular watch mode, which means you can use it as an actual watch.
golf buddy wt6 features

golf buddy wt6 features – some of the features of this gps watch include, distance to pin, distance to hazards, shot distance and regular watch mode.












Golf buddy WT6 build quality

The over all build quality is excellent. With a strong wrist band which allows you to play your shots with confidence without damaging you WT6 gps watch. The golf buddy is compact and light weight. Weighing in at between 4.5 – 5.0 ounces and with a size of 5 x 4 x 2.5 inches.

Golf buddy WT6 FAQ

Where is the battery located on the golf buddy wt6?

The battery is located internally inside the unit of the gps watch.

Is the golf buddy wt6 rechargeable?

Yes it is completely rechargeable.

Where can I buy a golf buddy wt6?

Here is a link to this product on amazon if you want to buy it.

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Golf Buddy WT6 - GPS Watch Honest Review
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