How to get better at crossfit – pull ups and other core movements

How to get better at crossfit. For those who engage in the cross fit philosophy of training will know that. Cross fit can challenge you in more ways than one and for this reason can really test your mind, body and will power to continue on. In short cross fit promotes whole body strength and fitness due to it’s diverse regime of movements and workouts. Now the biggest problem everyone faces is how to get the balance between becoming fit and strong enough to engage in the weight training on a regular basis. As many of us already know doing both can be challenging for many reasons. Some of which being that fitness and cardio training has a tendency to break down fat and eventually muscle if your nutrition isn’t right.

So in this article I will just go through a few tips and tricks on how you can get better at cross fit just with a few simple hacks. If the counter intuitive problem is that fitness and cardio breaks down muscle then herein lies the problem why you might not be improving with cross fit.

Tips on how to get better at crossfit

Let’s go through a few simple and logical things you can start to adapt to improve your cross fit regime.

  1. Nutrition is king. Firstly in order for you to keep your muscle gains through the cardio sessions you need to provide your body enough nutrition to survive this onslaught. Even though cardio is extremely beneficial to your heart and fitness in general as well as toning. It does have devastating effects on muscle mass if you don’t have enough protein in your diet. Make sure to get enough protein in your diet. Once you fat stores burn up your body will turn to muscle for fuel and energy. For this reason it is also advisable to get in enough calories which will allow you to have some stores which you can fall back on for energy in cardio workouts.
  2. Form is everything. Probably the most common reason why you are not progressing in your cross fit routine. Is bad form. Get a friend to watch your form to make sure you don’t cheat. Slouch or swing your movements. These are all ways you can take away the intensity of the workout. If you can’t lift the weight correctly rather lower the weight and do the movement properly. Not does bad form provide no progress, but can injure you and cause long term muscle imbalance. Don’t do it under any circumstances.
  3. Mental attitude. The biggest factor in your success is your mental attitude. Everything you do must be reinforced with your mind. This does not just allow you mind to manifest your goals, but also creates a mind muscle connection which over time will allow you to perform your movements more accurately. Improve your over all co ordination and more. The mind is a powerful precursor of improvement use it wisely.
  4. Forgive yourself for failing. If you fail forgive yourself. Don’t compare yourself to someone else. You know what level you are at. Be realistic and scale your workout to what you find challenging, but not impossible. Due to the large variety of movement cross fit offers start slow and build yourself up over time. The biggest mental block is going in to workout the first time and lifting heavy after a long rest period. Then finding on the next session you can’t lift that previous weight. Progress and level up slowly. This will create a sense of improvement and will motivate you to work harder.
  5. Visualization. Before your session visualize what you will be achieving and what you will be doing. Always start your workout with a game plan. It will help you stick to your goals and plan your progress around that. This also just allows you to be prepared for this workout ahead. So your body will just respond on auto pilot and your form and everything else will just be more seamless.

F.A.Q about crossfit

What is cross fit all about?

Cross fit for the most part is a philosophy of training. Which allows you to work out most of your muscle groups. Creates fitness and strength all round. Cross fit is designed to challenge parts of your body which never get challenged to work. One of the reasons it is such an effective training method to create all round health and fitness.

What are the key movements in crossfit?

There are a number of key aspects of crossfit. Most of all the key part of it is to engage your core, perform movements in perfect form and to push your boundaries. Unlike conventional training where you just do a variety of main movements. Crossfit looks to promote all possible movements the body can make.


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How to get better at crossfit

How to get better at crossfit
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How to get better at crossfit
How to get better at crossfit, if you are looking for quick and easy hacks you can apply to start improving your crossfit progress today then this article is for you. With just a few simple steps you should see a phenomenal gain in progress almost immediately.
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