Financial independence blog and early retirement

Financial independence blog and early retirementSome of you may have by now found this blog and read through some of my posts. If you have you may have a really good idea on what this blog is about. However I haven’t really given a proper introduction. Tangent life is a lifestyle and financial independence blog. The aim is to help improve people’s lives, the way they live the way they go about their daily activities and also help people achieve financial independence and freedom. If you have ever looked for early retirement ideas and strategies you may have landed on one of my articles in the past.

It has always been a big dream of mine to try inspire and motivate others through positive thoughts and affirmations. Being born from a leadership role I am fortunate to be in a position to be able to motivate others to achieve their goals and dreams. Whether that be on a personal level or on a professional level.

I can remember from an early age I have always been interested in the concept of early retirement. Asking those universal questions as you may have gathered. What would I do if I was financially free. Where would I go. What would I like to see.

Is TangentLife just a financial independence blog?

No most definitely not I have much bigger dreams and expectations. I would love to be able to assist people with ways for people to become free as human beings, to live an enlightened and full filled life. There is no real other way to describe it than as a whole some life blog. Covering topics such as finance, motivation, life skills and life hacks. Fashion and health as well as travel. I believe in order to live a balanced lifestyle all these components needs to be factored in. Especially your day to day health, leisure time, experiences and focuses in life.

Here are some of the core topics I will be writing about if you wish to start checking out the articles surrounding them:

Where can I find some of the financial independence posts?

Here are some of the ones relating to how to start an online business and also an online t shirt business. Check them out below:

How to start and online business simple steps

How to start a tshirt business at home

Where can I find some of the motivational and uplifting posts?

Check out some of these for your interest.

How to love yourself and become confident

How to make a good first impression


Where can I find more inspirational stuff?

If you want to find a few more really nice inspirational resources check out our pinterest or youtube channel.


Financial independence blog and early retirement

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