Can you make money from a blog – Starting a blog and making money

Blogging is a big topic nowadays for internet entrepreneurs. There is so much misinformation out there though. So the big question is can you make money from a blog? Well the answer is yes and no. There are many reasons why you may not make money from a blog. The downside to blogging is that it can be very easy to fail. Why well because a blog is an immense amount of work for very little reward in the beginning. A blog really is a long term money making strategy. If it were easy everyone would be doing really well.

The biggest failure in blogging is a lack of commitment and persistence. Many bloggers give up prematurely before they give their blog a chance to start bringing in major traffic and without traffic of course your blog will not make money. So what is the key secrets to make money blogging. Well here are some of the tips I have for you if you want to start making money from your blog.

Tips to make money from a blog

How to make money from a blog

Here are some of my top tips to get you on track.

  1. Know your market. Know who your audience is, know how to communicate with them and give them the content they want.
  2. Understand what products your audience needs. In order to monetize your blog you need to at the very least know what products your audience is into. Getting traffic is only one part of the puzzle, you need buyer intent as well. Make sure you have something you can convert into commercial intent. Without this you will never earn a cent from your traffic or audience.
  3. Capitalize on low hanging fruit. The internet is becoming more and more competitive daily. With new people entering the online sales, marketing, affiliate and eCommerce race. You need to learn how to leverage keywords and topics which have lower volumes, have higher buyer intent and essentially not have the high levels of competition.
  4. Never spam. Never spam your audience always offer great value and good advice and you will build a loyal following. Spam just sucks and everyone hates it, even other spammers hate it. So never spam. As what you can do for your visitors not what they can do for you. Income will be as a consequence of the value you provide. So just put out excellent content and very little spam.
  5. Start sharing early on. Start sharing your content early on and get your content indexed by search engines. Nowadays everything works on social proof, get social shares going and make sure you pages start aging in search engines for the best possible results going forward.
  6. Don’t push affiliate offers too early. If you want to get a fair chance to rank your pages don’t push affiliate offers until you start getting more traffic. Pushing too many affiliate offers will not do well for your content. Search engines will just see it as spammy and probably not rank you very high initially in their index. So try to just stick to good content building initially when you start creating your blog posts.
  7.  Don’t make your affiliate offers spammy. It is a big trend now in internet marketing that you should not make your advertising efforts or advertising links or content misleading. So try embedding your affiliate links inside the body of your posts. Like this it flows naturally with your posts and will appear much less spammy than a flashing banner ad.

How to make money from a blog different monetization strategies

How to make money from a blog – different monetization strategies

So you know your market and you have more traffic to your blog. Well how do you monetize right? Well there are a few ways. If you have stuck to the rules above you should have a very informative and value adding blog. So this leaves you many options for monetization.

  1. Selling courses on your blog. So you have provided extremely useful content to your audience over the time that you have been publishing posts to your blog. So why not just carry on that legacy by start selling a premium course to your audience. Everyone is interested in education nowadays and courses are really excellent way to monetize your blog quite quickly using your followers, blog audience and other fans of your work. Definitely consider creating a course. The great thing about it as well, you can sell it on your blog using a plugin called CoursePress and you can start making money without having any overheads or additional costs to yourself.
  2. Affiliate products. Affiliates programs are sometimes just the easiest way to monetize because you just simply add someone else’s product to your already traffic generating blog. No need for product creation, sales support, product or technical support or any business nitty gritty is needed when you focus on affiliate products. The downside of course is lower margins on these products. So it may not always be as profitable as you would like it to be, but affiliate marketing is still the easiest way to start making money from your blog.
  3. Ecommerce. You could start selling your own personal brand products on your blog, by setting up a ecommerce store. With this model your margins are better. However you might need to be concerned with manufacturing or sourcing the products. Packing and shipping of products. Product support and sales as well as liability of refunds when your products are damaged. This model is definitely for more advanced entrepreneurs and can be fruitful, but needs a lot more business experience to pull off successfully.
  4. Consulting services. You could use your blog as a vehicle for offering consulting services. If your content is good and you are an authority on your subject, topic or in your field you could offer consulting services. Your blog would sell your service with use of informative blog posts. Which may give credibility to you as an expert and so doing you can earn an income by offering consulting packages to potential clients.
  5. Ad programs. Some websites and other services may offer ad programs where you just add some ad display code to your blog. Then you will be paid for each click your website generates traffic for. Even though this model is probably the easiest of all. It is definitely not the most profitable. You often get a very small portion of the actual ad margin and this form of monetization is almost never profitable. Unless you have a large amount of free traffic in a high cpc niche.
  6. Sponsored posts. This is often just reserved for bloggers who have made good head way. Have a talent for writing and have a large following. If you have a large amount of traffic you can charge money for a post to be posted on your blog. Usually you will be paid by a company or business to promote a product or do a review on their product.

Frequently asked questions – Can you make money from a blog

How much can you make with a blog?

How long is a piece of string. Well blogs can definitely make money that is for certain. Anyone with a half decent niche should able to make at the very least $1 per month. If you really stay committed and focused you can multiply and scale your income as much as you like. Up until how much your market or niche allows. Some bloggers earn in the millions of dollars. So really it’s up to you how much you want to earn. All depends on your market and your amount of effort.

How do you start a blog and get paid for it?

If you want to start a blog. A good reference is this post: how to start a blog. However the short end of it is. You can start a blog with a blogging platform like WordPress. Then just start blogging. You can either get money by doing sponsored posts or monetizing with some of the strategies I mention above.

How can I make money with my WordPress blog?

If you already have a WordPress blog and you want to start making money off of your blog. You need to check what sort of traffic you are getting. If it is lower volumes you need to identify who your audience and visitors are and start promoting very targeted products or services to that audience. In so doing you could probably make some money off the traffic you are already getting. However if you do not have a lot of traffic your focus should be to increase your blog traffic before you try to make money with your WordPress blog.

How do you profit from a blog?

Bloggers profit in all sorts of ways from their blog. They could use any of the following techniques to make a profit from their blog. Selling courses, promoting affiliate products, ppc ad display etc. The core requirement for a blog to make a profit is for a blog to increase blog traffic. The more traffic you have the more you can profit from your blog.

What is the best blogging platform?

For most blogging WordPress is the best. It has a wide range of support, themes and plugins you can use. It has SEO support and a easy to use interface for writing posts. WordPress is definitelt one of the leading blogging platforms and a good platform to start with when you start blogging.

Conclusion – Can you make money from a blog

In conclusion. Yes you can make money from a blog if you approach it in the right way and have enough perseverance to create content even when the traffic doesn’t come your way. Just keep consistent. Grow your content, add more value and over time you will get more traffic. Then in turn you will get more sales and more income from your blog. All you need to do is make the decision to start acting and just get started.

If you want to start a blog check out my blog post on how to start a blog this guide will give you the full step by step on how to setup your blog. Find the right niche and do keyword research to find more traffic quickly and easily. If you liked this post please be sure to share it. Every share helps me in creating more high quality posts like this one.

Can you make money from a blog - Starting a blog and making money
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Can you make money from a blog - Starting a blog and making money
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