Blue yeti vs at2020 mic usb comparison review

Welcome to my reviewon : Blue yeti vs at2020 mic usb comparison. If you are looking for the prices of the Blue Yeti and AT2020 you can check it out on Amazon below.

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AT2020 vs Blue Yeti

AT2020 vs Blue Yeti

So have you been wondering about the blue yeti for rap. Have you been told the at2020 mic is really one of the best usb mics. In this show down of at2020 vs blue yeti. I will give you the blue yeti vs at2020 usb mic comparison. If you are trying to record professional sound from the comfort of your own home both of these mics are excellent choices. Whether you make use of the mics for youtube content creation or for vocals productions these are the way to go for an affordable price. However lets gets down to the at2020 and blue yeti comparison.

What is a condenser microphone

Before we get into the full review. Here is just a quick primer on what condenser mics are. Condenser mics produce really great studio level sound quality. The reason for this is the frequency response and transient response is a lot higher than usual mics. This essentially means that the speed at which the mic can receive sound is a lot higher which improves the quality. Condenser mics generally can be used for vocals and instrument recording.

at2020 vs Blue yeti comparison

blue yeti vs at2020 comparison review

blue yeti vs at2020 comparison review

blue yeti vs at2020 comparison review

blue yeti vs at2020 comparison review

Blue yeti vs at2020 considerations,features and details

at2020 key considerations

  • Usb connector for your desktop pc, laptop or compatible sound device.
  • Compact and easy to carry, perfect for travelling along with you if you are a content creator which needs audio recording on the go.
  • Fully plug and play, no external power is required just your usb port which makes it very convenient to setup anywhere.
  • Comes with a tripod mount which allows you to set your mic up on any desk or hard surface.
  • Metal bracket and tripod is built to last and keep your at2020 mic stable.
  • Comes with a POP filter for high quality sound quality recording.
  • This is a condenser mic which can be used for studio quality recording.
  • Crystal clear sound recording.

at2020 mic features

  • Awesome mic for podcasting, youtube voice overs, audio book recording and vocals for music.
  • Has a built in output jack for your head phones.
  • Compatible with major operating systems like windows and mac.
  • This mic has a built in head phone amplifier for improved sound quality.
  • Extended frequency response which is great for studio quality recording.

at2020 usb mic details

  • Weighs round about 3 pounds. So very light to carry around or take along on your travels.
  • Sleek design.

Overall the at2020 mic is an extremely great mic at an affordable price. Considering the number of uses this mic has it really is a steal for your money. Due to it’s compact and sturdy nature it’s really great for travel vloggers who want to take this mic along when travelling. Also an excellent mic for rapping, singing, podcasting, youtube content creation and voice overs. The at2020 comes with a sturdy tripod stand which can easily fit on your desk at home, which allows you to produce great sound recordings almost anywhere. Also because the at2020 is completely plug and play with no need for external power this makes it just so much more convenient to use.

To get this awesome mic check it out on amazon.

Click here for the AT2020

Blue Yeti key considerations

  • Usb connector for your desktop pc, laptop or compatible sound device.
  • Weighing in at around 1 pound great for travelling or a studio or home setup.
  • Easy plug and play does not require an external power supply.
  • High quality analog-to-digital converter for high sound quality over usb directly to your device, computer or laptop.
  • Compatible with major operating systems windows and mac.
  • Excellent for audio content creation youtube voice overs, podcasts, vocals recording, audio book recording with studio quality.
  • Condenser mic for studio quality.
  • POP filter screen available for improved sound quality.

Blue yeti mic features

  • Has four different pattern settings for ultimate versatility.
  • Head phone output jack for premium sound quality.
  • Volume knob for adjusting the volume of the mic.
  • Can be extended with arm stand for more versatility.
  • Adjustable mic mount which allows you to keep your mic stable on a desk or solid surface.
  • Has a mute button to allow you to mute your sound.

The blue yeti is packed with features such as the mute button, gain knob and volume knob. These features really deliver so much more control when doing your recordings. With pattern control the blue yeti packs a punch by offering four main pattern controls such as stereo, cardioids, omnidirectional and bidirectional. With these diverse options it makes the blue yeti the obvious choice for vocalists who really want the full package. Even though the blue yeti is probably more focused towards vocals, it is also a great mic for youtubers and vloggers who want to produce voice overs. Also awesome for podcasting, audio books and any other sound recordings you would like to make.

To check out this awesome mic here is an awesome package on amazon which will get you everything you need to get started.

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Blue yeti vs at2020 quality

Blue yeti vs at2020 quality

Blue yeti vs at2020 quality

Both of these mics have really high quality construction and both carry a high quality stand which they can be mounted on. Both mic pieces covered with metal, these mics both are really built to last you a life time. Their connectors are both very well rounded off and enclosed in their enclosures quite well which really gives it a nicely polished and quality look. The at2020 comes with a metal tripod stand and the blue yeti with a semi full base mount stand. Both very sturdy and stable in their design.

Blue yeti vs at2020 sound quality

Blue yeti vs at2020 sound quality

Blue yeti vs at2020 sound quality

The at2020 has the obvious better sound quality as compared to the blue yeti. However with the blue yeti the added 3 condenser capsules really makes it very dynamic for more recording situations.

Blue yeti vs at2020 features

Blue yeti vs at2020 features

Blue yeti vs at2020 features

In the category of features the blue yeti definitely over powers the at2020 with gain control, volume control and mute button along with the 3 condenser capsules as well as the four pattern controls makes the blue yeti a better buy when it comes to features. Also the blue yeti comes in at a lighter weight making it more suitable for vocalists on the road or travelling vloggers. The at2020 has easier setup than the blue yeti, due to the mount the blue yeti uses assembly can be a bit of a challenge. There is quite a bit to assemble to get your yeti going. The at2020 with the tripod design simplifies the assembly.

In the long term you really need to decide what is more important to you. If you are a vocalist you may want to aim for superior sound quality. If you are a vlogger sound quality might not be as important to you. For beginners I would definitely suggest the at2020 as it has less things which can be tweaked and will make it a lot easier for you to get started. If you have done some recordings before or are a professional audio content creator I would suggest the blue yeti just because of the options you have to tweak your audio with it’s additional features.

Blue Yeti frequently asked questions

How much is the Blue Yeti?

Usually the Blue Yeti is priced in at around $150 but to get accurate pricing check out the price here on Amazon:

How do I setup my Blue Yeti?

The Blue Yeti is for the most part plug and play. If you are using Windows or Mac you should simply be able to start using your Blue Yeti microphone simply by plugging in the usb port of your Blue Yeti into your laptop or desktop computer. The sufficient drivers should already be available to start recording almost immediately.

What type of mic is a Blue Yeti?

The Blue Yeti is a condenser studio quality microphone for high end recording. It is also plug and play with a USB port for easy install and use.

What does gain do on the Blue Yeti?

Due to the Yeti being a condenser microphone it is very sensitive to sounds. If your gain is too high you will not filter out unwanted sounds. By lowering the gain on your Blue Yeti microphone you can filter out some unwanted sounds in your recordings. Make sure to keep the gain relatively low.

Is the Blue Yeti good for recording music?

The Blue Yeti is designed for studio sound quality and can be used for recording music. The Blue Yeti is great for beginner artists who want to start recording from the comfort of their own home via their personal computer.

Is Blue Yeti mic worth it?

If you are looking for an affordable microphone which you can use at home to do music recording, rapping and YouTube video production and even podcasts.

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Blue yeti vs at2020 review

Blue yeti vs at2020 review

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Blue yeti vs at2020 mic review
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